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Cleis Press: Erotic Teasers anthology (working title)

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
To be published by Cleis Press in 2019

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is looking for original, unpublished and highly creative erotic short stories around the theme of teasing for an anthology to be published by Cleis Press. This anthology will contain 15-17 varied stories that involve everything from edging to prolonged foreplay, sense deprivation (blindfolds, earplugs, etc.), tickling and other forms of erotic teasing. Feel free to use your imagination with this theme. Every story in the book will approach the theme of teasing differently, so variety is key.
I don’t want any clichéd story lines or shopworn characters; I want unique and engaging plots that involve couples and couplings about characters of different sexual orientations, genders, ages, races and sexual experience levels who are exploring this arousing type of sexual play. The majority of the book will feature contemporary settings, but I will also consider historical and futuristic/paranormal/sci-fi tales. All sexual acts must be clearly consensual by all parties.
All stories should have a compelling beginning, middle and end. Make every word count and advance the story you want to tell. Consider each sentence and as: Does it serve a purpose? Is it advancing your story? If not, cut it. I want stories that will make readers stop everything they’re doing and eagerly read every last word to find out what happens to your characters. I want to read about characters who push the envelope, who challenge themselves and their lovers, who are daring and wicked and kinky, who have fun with their erotic adventures, whether they are the one doing the teasing or being teased. I’m not looking for simplistic sex scenes, but rather stories with heart and soul, stories that readers will remember long after they turn the final pages, and stories that will likely inspire readers in their own erotic adventures.

  • Stories must be between 3,500-4,500 words and never previously published anywhere, in whole or in part, online or offline.
  • Stories submitted below 3,500 words or above 4,500 words will be automatically rejected.
  • All characters must be 18+ through the story.
  • No incest or scat.

Rights (see below): Non-exclusive right to publish your story in this anthology in print, ebook, and audiobook form. Authors will retain copyright to their stories. See exact contract terms below.

How to submit:

Submission Deadline: October 1, 2017


Since I will be reading and considering stories as they come in, only the initial story submission will be considered; subsequent versions of the same story will NOT be considered, so please keep this in mind and make sure the submission you send contains exactly the story title, author name and text you would like to see published in the book. If I am interested in a revised version of your story, I will contact you.


  • Submit only 3,500-4,500 original, unpublished stories that are not being considered elsewhere.
  • Stories CANNOT be under consideration elsewhere.
  • Maximum two submissions per author.
  • I want only original work that has never been published in whole or in part in any format, including online or in print.
  • Must use U.S. grammar (double quotation marks around dialogue, etc.)

Submit to by attaching a Word .doc or .docx file, double spaced, Times New Roman Black font. At the top of the first page, include legal name, pseudonym (if applicable), mailing address, phone number (only to be used for urgent communication about your story) AND 50 word-or-under third person professional biography either on the first page of your story above the title or in the body of an email. Make sure you use an email address that you check on a regular basis.

Sample bio format with URL is as follows:
Jane Doe ( writes fiction and non-fiction. She lives in Alaska and specializes in erotic teasing.

All stories must have a title and author name included at the top of the first page with the submission (no untitled stories). Indent half an inch at the start of each paragraph. Use only double spacing for the entire file; do not add extra lines between paragraphs or use any other irregular spacing. If you cannot use Word, submit as both an RTF and include the full submission in the body of an email, including title, story text, bio, name and pseudonym (if applicable), mailing address and phone number.


All stories that are between 3,500-4,5000 words and submitted by October 1, 2017 will be considered.
I will confirm that I have received your submission within 72 hours. I will respond to all submissions by May 1, 2018 at the latest. If you have not heard back from me by May 2, 2018, feel free to follow up at that time.

Payment: $100 and 2 copies of the book on publication. Payment will be made only via Paypal (strongly preferred) or U.S check (only for U.S. addresses).

Questions: (make sure to read the guidelines in full before sending questions)

Rights / Contract:

If your story is accepted, you will need to sign a contract agreeing to the non-negotiable contract terms below in order for your story to be published in the anthology. If you are unwilling to sign this contract, DO NOT SUBMIT to this anthology.

 The parties agree as follows:
Author hereby grants Editor, during the first term of the United States copyright, and any renewals thereof, in the “Work”:

  1. The non-exclusive right to “publish” (i.e. print, publish, and sell) the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in English in the United States and its territories; and
  2. The non-exclusive right to “publish” and license the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in English in other countries; and
  3. The non-exclusive right to publish and license the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in English and the right to license, translate and publish the Work as part of the Book in printed and digital form in languages other than English in all countries; and
  4. The following non-exclusive subsidiary rights to license and publish the Work as part of the Book in the United States and all foreign countries, to wit: anthologies, magazines, book club editions and reprints; Braille editions; audio, computer disk, all electronic/cyber rights, CD-ROM and microfiche editions; and television productions (including network TV, cable, and pay TV); and
  5. The non-exclusive right to excerpt from the Work in non-book printed materials issued by the Publisher and/or its licensee for the sole purpose of promoting the Work, including, but not limited to, bookmarks, post cards, buttons, and t-shirts; and
  6. The non-exclusive subsidiary right, for promotional purposes, to serialize the Work in periodicals, newspapers, and magazines.


  1. Editorial revisions to the Work may be made at the suggestion of the Editor and/or Publisher. The title may be changed only by mutual consent of the Author, Editor and Publisher. Editor has final say on the substantive content of the Work.
  2. The completed manuscript shall be deemed satisfactory in content to the Editor and Publisher unless within ninety (90) days of its receipt, Publisher or Editor gives Author written notice of the respects in which the manuscript is unsatisfactory. Author shall have thirty (30) days from receipt of that notice to make and submit such changes.
  3. Editor reserves the right to choose not to include the Work in the Book, if Publisher declines to accept it, or for any other justifiable reason. In such event, this Agreement is null and void; all rights revert to Author, and Editor does not owe Author payment.


  1. Author represents and warrants that she now owns all rights granted here under, free of liens or encumbrances, and has full power and authority to execute this Agreement; and further warrants that the Work is original with her and not in the public domain. Author will give formal written notice of any previous publication of the Work upon presentation of the final manuscript, including editorial addresses of periodicals and/or publishers.
  2. Author further represents and warrants that the Work does not infringe statutory copyrights or common law literary rights of others, and does not violate the rights of privacy of, or libel, other persons.
  3. Author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Editor and the Publisher, and the publishing of any reprint or book club edition of the Work licensed by the Publisher, pursuant to the Agreement, against any final judgment for damages (after all appeals have been taken) against them in any action arising out of facts which constitute a breach of the foregoing warranties together with reasonable costs and attorney’s fees incurred by them in defending such an action in which such judgment is recovered.

Author shall retain copyright of the Work.

Author shall receive PAYMENT LISTED ABOVE to be paid by Author within 90 days of publication of the Book.

Publisher will give to Author two (2) free copies of the Anthology.

This Agreement shall be binding on the parties and her respective heirs, administrators, successors and assigns.


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