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NOTE: All posted calls for submissions are based on information provided by the publishers, and are not vetted or endorsed by ERWA. Authors are encouraged to ask publishers about contracts details and other terms.

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Lust in the Dust: post-apocalyptic erotica

Edited by Janine Ashbless

Submission Deadline: Midnight (GMT), 11 November 2018
Word Count: 2,500-7000
Payment: 50% royalties split equally among participating authors
Heat Level: Explicit content required
Pairings: Any

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Civilisation has fallen. Peace and plenty are ideals barely remembered. Everything we used to rely upon has crumbled away, and pleasure is something few can afford. Every joy has to be fought for. When all the trappings of a civilised life are taken away, all we can hope to truly call our own are our bodies and our hearts. In the ashes, we make alliances where we can, and find solace and humanity in unexpected places. And maybe even a little hope for the future …

I’m looking for tales of post-apocalyptic passion. Obviously this can mean Mad Max-style science fiction but I’m also open to stories with a contemporary, fantasy or historical setting – anywhere where civilisation and the rule of law has crashed and burned for any reason, throwing us all back onto our own resources. The aftermath of a terrible war, a zombie invasion, the claustrophobic confines of a bunker – these are all settings where human stories can be told, and where there is life there is sex! Go on, surprise me — and turn me on, of course.

Your story can have any number of people or pairings, of any gender or race; I will be looking for diversity and variety as well as the highest quality of storytelling across the breadth of the anthology. I want real characters, disturbing settings, and convincing plots. I want to be moved as well as aroused. Your story can be as vanilla or as kinky as you like, and I’m fine with romance so long as it’s HOT.

Happy endings are not required and this collection will have a dark/horror vibe, BUT I want to see some heart and humanity in there – gleeful or extended rape/non-consensual sexual violence scenes will go in the reject pile. All sexually-active characters must be over the age of 18.

Our usual Sexy Little Pages restrictions apply – no paedophilia, no necrophilia, no incest or pseudo-incest, gratuitous violence, bestiality or fan fiction. More details on this are available on the submissions page or in our website FAQs. All submissions are read blind by the editor; please do read our submission guidelines carefully.

Circlet Press Halloween Microfictions/Flash Fiction

It might be HOT, HOT, HOT outside but at Circlet Press we’re already thinking autumn thoughts and you know what that means! It’s time to submit your spooky/sexy/scary October microfictions and flash fiction.  As in years past, these microfictions will be posted on our website during the month of October leading up to Halloween. Payment is $5 and you retain all rights.


Stories can be any length up to 1500 words.  No reprints. No excerpts from novels. Multiple submissions are okay.

All stories must be erotic and fit within the theme. All gender pairings are welcome and we strongly encourage marginalized writers to submit work to us.  All stories must also be sex positive.


Send stories where underage characters engage in sexual acts.
Send fan fiction with or without the serial numbers filed off.
Send stories where the consent is ambiguous or takes place after the act. Consent MUST be apparent BEFORE the sexual act.
Send demon summoning stories.
Send stories set at Halloween parties that focus on sexy costumes.
Send me stories longer than 1500 words.
Send me stories with no erotic content.
Send me stories where lovers kill each other.
Send stories where witches are evil monsters.
Send stories set inside haunted attractions.


Think outside the box. The theme here is pretty broad. We want stories that are erotic that also fit into horror/autumn/Halloween. Send us stories that celebrate the season in some way. Scare us while turning us on. Give us period pieces or pieces set in the far future. Make us think of leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of wood smoke carried on chill air, and harvest festivals in preparation for the dead of winter. Do this in a way that celebrates physical pleasure. A happy ending is not necessary though please bear in mind that I will not accept any stories where lovers murder each other in cold blood. Humorous stories are okay too so long as they fit with the theme.

Please send submissions to as either a Word doc or in the body of the email. Please also include a short bio. Deadline is October 1st.

Stranded: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology

Editor: Delilah Devlin
Deadline: November 15, 2018

STRANDED is open to all authors.

Editor/Author Delilah Devlin (me!) is looking for stories for a romantic erotica anthology tentatively entitled STRANDED:  A BOYS BEHAVING BADLY ANTHOLOGY.

Why write a short story for this collection? Well, it’s certainly not about making a lot of money, so why do it at all? I have several thoughts…

Writing a short story for a call for submissions is a chance to flex your writing muscle! It can be a chance to experiment with a genre you’ve never written. If you’ve never written a story in first person but don’t want to begin by writing an entire novel using it, start short! For myself, I’ve written stories in new genres or with fresh themes that ended up being so much fun to write they’ve spawned entire series.

You have a deadline! I don’t know about you, but I have trouble keeping my butt in the chair without one!

It’s a promotional opportunity! If selected, you’ll be joined by 12-15 other authors for the launch, sharing your audiences and, hopefully, picking up new readers along the way. Having your story in the collection is another chance to be “seen.”

And remember, you retain the rights to your story, so you can republish it for individual sale or give it away to attract subscribers to your newsletter. You might even decide there’s more story to tell and expand it into a novel!

Here’s what I’m looking for…

STRANDED: A BOYS BEHAVING BADLY ANTHOLOGY will include stories that satisfy the reader who craves stories about women who find themselves in extremely challenging circumstances—vulnerable to the elements and/or to their rescuers! But don’t create damsels in distress who don’t have an inner core of resolve to save themselves. Heroines must be strong characters, otherwise, how will they attract and capture the love of a strong alpha hero?

I’m eager to work on my next delectable anthology—this one filled with stories about women who find themselves—STRANDED. Your heroine could be a castaway on a desert island, have her car break down in the mountains, be stranded in the ocean while snorkelling, crash land in the jungle or on an uninhabited planet… Don’t limit your imagination to these ideas! Have fun with the concept.

I’m open to any subgenre of erotic romance you want to write. I’ll accept contemporary, historical, science fiction, or paranormal stories, and I won’t be picky about whether the stories are hetero, LGBT, ménage… Basically, you, the author, can go anywhere your imagination takes you so long as 1) the woman is in jeopardy, and 2) the story is a romance, and 3) you have a bad boy somewhere in the pages! Should you write that LGBT story, consider making the couple’s adversary or helpmate a roguish man—because, hey, I’m looking for men who behave badly.

The anthology will be sold at a low price—my intent is exposure for you and your writing. The more readers reached, the better! You will retain the rights to your story, so that, at a later date, you can republish your stories individually.

I’m seeking hot and inventive stories from authors with unique voices, and above all, I’m looking to be seduced by tales filled with vivid imagery and passion.

Published authors with an established world may use that setting for their original short story.

This is erotic romance, so don’t hold back on the heat. Stories can be vanilla or filled with kink, but don’t miss describing the romantic connection between strong-willed individuals learning to trust and love one another. A deep sensuality should linger in every word. Keep in mind there must be a romantic element with a happy-for-now or happy-ever-after ending. Strong plots, engaging characters, and unique twists are the ultimate goal. Please no reprints. I want original stories.

How to submit: Prepare your 2,500 to 5,500 words story in a double-spaced, Arial, 12 point, black font, Word document (.doc or .docx) OR rich text format (.rtf), with pages numbered. Indent the first line of each paragraph half an inch, and double space (regular double spacing; do not add extra lines between paragraphs or do any other irregular spacing). U.S. grammar (double quotation marks around dialogue, etc.) is required.

In your document at the top left of the first page, include your legal name (and pseudonym, if applicable), mailing address, email address, and a 50-words or less bio, written in the third person, and send to If you are using a pseudonym, please provide your real name and pseudonym and make it clear which one you’d like to be credited as. Authors may submit up to 2 stories. I will respond no later than December 30, 2018 with decisions.

Payment will be $25.00 USD ninety days after publication at the end of that month.

Who am I?

Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotica and erotic romance. She has published nearly two hundred stories in multiple genres and lengths, and is published by Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Entangled, Grand Central, Harlequin Spice, HarperCollins: Mischief, Kensington, Kindle, Montlake, Penthouse, Running Press, and Samhain Publishing.

Her short stories have appeared in multiple Cleis Press collections, including Lesbian Cowboys, Girl Crush, Fairy Tale Lust, Lesbian Lust, Passion, Lesbian Cops, Dream Lover, Carnal Machines, Best Erotic Romance (2012), Suite Encounters, Girl Fever, Girls Who Score, Duty and Desire, Best Lesbian Romance of 2013, and On Fire. For Cleis Press, she edited Girls Who Bite, She Shifters, Cowboy Lust, Smokin’ Hot Firemen, High Octane Heroes, Cowboy Heat, Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors and Sex Objects. She also edited Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance, Rogues: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, and Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology.

Direct any questions you have regarding your story or the submission process to me at is currently seeking short story submissions (fiction and non-fiction) for four new anthologies.

We are a paying market for writers. is currently seeking short story submissions (fiction and non-fiction) for the following anthologies:

Short stories describing HEAVY Femdom scenes. Must be at least 800 words, and have a strong romantic element. Excellent characterization and a deep emotional connection between the couple are imperative elements in these stories.

2. “OOPS!” – BDSM Bloopers!!
Do you have a humorous story about a BDSM scene that went horribly wrong? The funnier, the better! But, make it sexy, too! Stories must be at least 500 words, and have a strong comedic, yet erotic element. Excellent characterization and humor are imperative for these stories.

3. NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY BOY! – Erotic Femdom Spanking Stories
Ah, the ever popular spanking anthology! We are soliciting short stories about naughty men being spanked by powerful women! Stories must be 600 to 800 words.

We are soliciting short stories about strong, masculine men who have been brought to their knees by a far more powerful woman. By day, he’s an alpha male, calling the shots and giving orders. But, when alone with his Domme, he gives up all control – of his mind, his body, and his soul. Stories must be 600 to 800 words.

Writer’s Guidelines are here:

-Posted by Nika Bella Dea

Ongoing CFS for Speculative Erotic Flash Fiction

Circlet Press is seeking sexy speculative fiction of the short short (micro) variety. What is speculative fiction? Examples of it include: science fiction, fantasy, utopias, dystopian, superhero, experimental, and occasionally supernatural though we prefer to keep our horror microfictions to the month of October.

We are looking for short literary erotic works to be featured on our website. We encourage diversity in our fiction. All gender pairings and orientations are welcome so long as everything is clearly consensual. Erotic microfictions should be between 250-1000 words and original works that are not available elsewhere. Please no fan fiction. Authors retain all rights and payment is $5 per story.

Multiple submissions are okay. Send submissions to either in the body of the email or as a Word doc. Please include a short bio.

Liquid Silver Publishing: Erotica short fiction – all genres

Seeking erotica stories in all genres that will hook the reader in with a fresh approach.

We’re currently looking for strong stories in the following genres:

  • Sci-Fi/Futuristic,
  • Urban Fantasy,
  • Paranormal,
  • BDSM,
  • Action Adventure,
  • Bisexual,
  • M/M,
  • Vampires,
  • Werewolves,
  • Shapeshifters,
  • Contemporary,
  • Mystery.

Our books have always been targeted to women so your story must resonate with a female readership.

We are looking for over the top hot, but the story must be plot driven, the relationships believable.  Ideally we ask for a HEA (Happy Ever After), but will consider a HFN (Happy For Now), if the story is a part of a series.


We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on subjects we deem inappropriate such as:

  • Pedophilia
  • Rape or incest
  • Necrophilia (does not pertain to vampires or other “undead” characters)
  • Hate messages to any race, gender, religion, or sexuality
  • Bestiality
  • Sexual content with participants under the age of 18

We do not accept simultaneous submissions.  You may, however, seen us multiple submissions at the same time.


Length: 8,000 to the maximum of 25,000 words. The entire manuscript must be sent as an email attachment in .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF.  No headers, footers or page numbers are to be within the manuscript.

Manuscript Must Include:

  • A blurb or summary of the story. We do not need a synopsis.
  • An author bio
  • Word count

Your Query Email Must Include:

  • Author’s pen name
  • Author’s real legal name
  • Website or blog link (if available)
  • Email address

How to Submit: 

All submissions must be made via email to


Contract and Royalties:

Liquid Silver Publishing is a full service, royalty paying eBook Publisher, which includes:

  • Editing
  • Final line editing and proofreading
  • Cover art
  • ISBN number
  • Digital publishing

Our standard contract is for worldwide, English, digital rights for two years.

We pay 40% royalties on net monies received from sales in all outlets (we have distribution at all major retailers). Royalties are paid on a calendar quarter basis by company check. International authors are paid via PayPal.

Liquid Silver Publishing has been in business as an Independent publisher since 1999, one of the longest standing epublishers in the business.


Our website – – is a soon-to-launch site with female-focused erotic stories, podcasts, and art. The focus of the site is to curate inclusive, empowering, creative erotica for our viewers. We publish erotic works to our online website and welcome submissions of a diverse range of categories. All types of erotica are encouraged, although we will not accept anything of an overly violent, incestuous, or illegal nature.

How do I submit a story or artwork?
Email your story to and include your name as the author/artist that you would like to be listed. That’s it!

Any additional questions? Email us at

Multifarious Press

Diverse books, stories, authors. Buzzwords in the writing community on Twitter and everywhere else these days. Agents, publishers, writers. So many people are talking about diversity.

But when you walk into a bookstore, or scan through Amazon or Smashwords, how many diverse books are you actually seeing put out by big presses? A few. Hopefully, more are coming.

Multifarious Press is an idea born from the desire to put diverse titles into the hands of people who want them.

MFP is committed to all forms of diversity. We want to build a list of titles in all sub-genres of diverse representation, especially own voices stories. We want the real voices, the ones who are going to resonate with others like you.

We want the stories that you had to write because you couldn’t find enough of them to read.

There are so many diverse authors, stories and readers out there, just waiting. Fantastic books that are getting shelved or worse, deleted; and diverse authors who are giving up their dreams because traditional publishing is incredibly slow on the uptake of diversity. Indie self-publishing is an incredibly successful business model for some diverse creators, but it isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’re here.

Publishing IS moving in the right direction, but one of the benefits an indie small-press has over larger ones is that we can get the books out faster and often, with better quality.

Take a look around the site, please make time to read the open letter, and if we can help get your story to the hands of readers who need it, follow our submissions process.

Thank you.
-Kaelan, Founder of Multifarious Press

House of Ardent: Erotic Ghostwriter needed

I am looking to purchase as many erotica stories of between 3,000-5,000 words each.

Must be sexually explicit and written form the first person, whom is female and loves sexual adventures.

This could be an ongoing job if you are the right writer for us. Ideally you will have stories already written that we can purchase.

Contact: Email Lianne at

Thurston Howl Publications

Thurston Howl Publications is actively seeking erotica works that feature LGBTQ or poly relationships.

Submission Guidelines:

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