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Our selection of novels and anthologies feature really good, really smart erotic fiction for people who want sexy no-holds-barred engrossing stories that will appeal to men and women looking for sophisticated, realistic sex—and lots of it. Titles range from hardcore bondage and spankings to passionate love stories and all the lusty varieties in-between.

Claimed by the Vampire Lord

The vampire lord has been defeated and Cora has been saved from his domination, but she as she recovers from her ordeal, she cannot stop dreaming of him. The dreams call to her, and demand her return to his side, and submission to his will. 

Faced with a dull life in English high society, Cora gives in to the temptation of a life of pleasure and servitude to the vampire lord, and flees her home to find her hypnotic master.

Will she reach him before her fiancé and a dedicated vampire hunter can find her? Or will she escape into a life of dark passion and the pleasure of serving the vampire lord?

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Dominated by the Dark Wizard

Years ago Livia escaped from the Otherworld to Earth after unwisely swearing her allegiance to a Dark Lord, who has since been destroyed. Putting aside her wizard inheritance she lives a quiet life in the country with no magic. But not all of the Dark Lord’s followers are dead, and one of the most powerful has a particular interest in Livia, and her submission to him. Will Livia stay on Earth, or will her wizard master tempt her back to a life of obedience and pleasure that only he can give her?

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Share Me: The Devil Makes Three

I know what you must think of me.
You’re going to think I’m a whoring trophy wife.
You have to believe me when I tell you, I do love my husband.
I tried to stop it. I tried to resist him.
But there was no resisting Derek Drake.
And if you were me, you wouldn’t have been able to, either.

As long as I can remember, the beast has been inside of me.
It’s a monster with dark desires and carnal needs.
When it sees something it wants, it won’t be denied.
Alexandra Hale was a Princess, a spoiled brat who needed to be taught a lesson.
The moment the beast saw her, it claimed her. It was only a matter of time before it got out and took her.
It didn’t help that she so clearly wanted to be taken.

When Manhattan socialite Lexie Hale hires the dark, brooding Derek Drake to remodel her house in the Hamptons, she never imagined the deep, forbidden desires he’d awaken inside of her. There’s just one little problem: Lexie is married. How long can she resist Derek’s promise to dominate her and take her in ways her husband never could? And what will happen when her husband finds out?

Share Me: The Devil Makes Three is a steamy, heart racing erotic romance about the forbidden lust and even more forbidden desires between a married woman and her Alpha male contractor. It includes cheating, consensual, hard BDSM, an MFM scene, and a taboo cuckold relationship. Not for the faint of heart!

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But I Can’t

Detective Kelsa Lacy is the best in her world at convincing recalcitrant murder suspects to confess. 

If her hotness, charm, and Rainbow fingering techniques don’t do the job, her magical telepathy will.

Then she meets, Isla Grace, the most beautiful murder suspect she’s ever seen!

Isla says she didn’t do it and for the first time, Kelsa wants to believe her.

She wants to believe because maybe there’s something deeper here, something that could last forever.

Also, she desperately wants to f**K Isla Grace, but she can’t because of the blocker spell.

When Kelsa finally gets up the courage to look into Isla’s mind, will she find her way to passion, ecstasy, and love?

Or will she be disappointed yet again by the deviousness and guile of her fellow womankind?

This is a short erotic story of approximately 5,000 words.

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Lesbian Hucows Under the Sea 1: Hucow Bleu and the Milky Mermaid

Nuclear war has decimated the Earth.  Only three small colonies have survived, whose inhabitants are all lesbians. One of these is an underwater laboratory located deep in the Mariana Trench.  Unfortunately, their bio-cow has stopped producing milk, and now they must implement Operation HUCOW.

The process is to select and transform one of their crew members into a human cow so that the rest of the crew can enjoy rich, creamy milk.  Milk that is highly nutritious and also really yummy!

Bleu is selected to become the laboratory’s new Hucow when she wins a wet T-shirt contest.

During her transformation, her breasts become bigger and she begins lactating. She even starts growing horns and a tail, just like a real cow!  As she produces milk for her sisterly crew mates, she experiences deeper and deeper waves of pleasure and her relationships deepen.  Her Farmer and her friends take care of her and she finds herself in a much happier place than before.

Hucow Bleu also has a secret friend, a beautiful mermaid, who visits her at her portal window.  Unsure whether she is real or just a dream, Bleu feels a deep connection with the mermaid. Despite the thick walls of the underwater laboratory separating them, the mermaid offers Bleu friendship and love.

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Taken by the Knights

Innocent Leanna gets more than she expected when she sneaks off to watch the knights at their tournament. When she gives Sir Marcus her favor, her virile champion claims her untouched body as his prize.

Shockingly, he’s not content to take her on his own. Sharing Leanna with his friend Sir Roderick, the two rough warriors take her hard and unprotected. Now the naive young woman must learn to satisfy both their lusts at once!

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Giselle’s Best Adultery Erotica

Love is complicated. Sometimes the most passionate love affairs take place with partners who are strictly forbidden. Infidelity can be driven by mutual attraction, money, desire, want of attention or even sheer hatred. In this collection, read Giselle Renarde’s top ten favourite tales of adultery, hand-picked by the author. Whether the sex is angry or loving, spontaneous or carefully planned, the characters all have one thing in common: they’re sleeping with someone they shouldn’t—and it’s hot as hell!

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If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers

The path through mothering affects nearly every aspect of sexuality: intimacy, identity, reproduction, body image, gender roles and expression, vulnerability, reciprocity, skin hunger, and so much more. Like great erotica, mothering explores the complexity of sexuality–the ache, the ecstasy, and everything in between.

From the introduction by editor Brandy Fox: 
In the midst of a 15-year marriage with two kids, I was blindsided by a libido so intense, I had to start writing erotica just to channel those heart-pounding sexual fantasies hitting me full force any time of day: in the grocery store, at preschool parent meetings, even in Kindermusik class while singing A Ram Sam Sam across from an energetic teacher in a low-cut top. My sex drive insisted I pay attention to it, care for it, make time for it like I did my family. With a long-time partner, there were other benefits to a libido in overdrive: more time devoted to us as a couple, playing, connecting, letting go. It required frequent date nights, plotting and planning, sneaking and giggling, hushed orgasms that made the explosion all the more powerful, and loss of sleep that was well worth it. All this made the sex more fun, more delicious, and more satisfying.

Studies show that women in their thirties and early forties are significantly more sexual than younger women. The result of this–or perhaps the cause–is that mothers are less inhibited, more in touch with their bodies, and more skilled at asking for what they want.

This collection features women in all stages of motherhood navigating the complicated but essential path through–in some cases, back into–a healthy sex life. They’re single, partnered, straight, queer, young, middle-aged, in the United States and abroad. But for all of them, sexuality is woven into the very fabric of mothering.

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Petals to Share

Out for an afternoon in Green Park, Lord Standish is alarmed to find Miss Langsdale, his friend’s nineteen year old Ward, engaging in a dangerous solo ride.

He rescues her, only to discover that she is in the Park without her Guardian’s permission. Lord Standish decides to give his friend’s Ward a stinging lesson in the public park to ensure that she doesn’t engage in such future foolishness.

Charlotte understands that she will be subject to further correction from her Guardian when she is back at Wycombe House, and she can expect to be wearing considerably less clothing for it.

Is it any wonder that Lord Standish doesn’t seem to be planning on leaving that quickly?

Charlotte Langsdale has spent plenty of time over her Guardian’s knee, but she has never been disciplined by two handsome and firm men before.

And does Lord Standish intend to stay for the usual après-spanking activities?

Twp devilishly attractive older men, and one very naughty lady.

There’s a leather ottoman that just might get a LOT of use.

Expect steam, banter, firm hands, and some thoroughly debauched lessons on womanhood.

This is book 2 in the Infernalis Club series, but it can also be read as a very satisfying standalone. 

All characters are adults aged 18 and older.

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Bossy: A Billionaire Boss Office Romance

Candace Brown has hit rock bottom.

After a failed marriage leaves her in mountains of debt, she is desperately trying to find a job and ends up face to face with a man whose heart she broke when she left him years ago — and now the “poor trash” her parents stopped her from seeing is a billionaire boss!

Can she get her first love to forgive her? Or will he find a way to make her pay for dumping him, sending her life into final devastating shambles?

*A steamy, second chance office romance featuring an alpha male with a grudge. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA! :)*

Available at:

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