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Our selection of novels and anthologies feature really good, really smart erotic fiction for people who want sexy no-holds-barred engrossing stories that will appeal to men and women looking for sophisticated, realistic sex—and lots of it. Titles range from hardcore bondage and spankings to passionate love stories and all the lusty varieties in-between.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIRST …a Guesthouse With Benefits novella

All Kiera Brady wanted was to run a quiet little guesthouse, the kind of place people come back to year after year. But when she’s already given into temptation with one hot guest she finds just how hard it is not to do so again…

Been there, seen it, done it. That’s what they say, isn’t it?
Well I had. The whole hotwife thing. Sleeping with a stranger, in the full knowledge – full encouragement! – of my husband.
It was like ticking things off your bucket list, though. Who ever does a second sky dive? A second trip to some remote summit? You’ve had the thrills, you’ve overcome the challenges, you’ve confronted the risks and fears, and you’ll have the memories forever more. No need to put yourself out there again. I’d been there. I’d seen it. I’d well and truly done it. Done it until I ached and could barely walk the next day.
And it was absolutely in the category of something I’d done now, and would never want to repeat.
I believed that.
Really, I did…

But that was before Lucy and Denholme Walters showed up at Kiera Brady’s quiet little guesthouse…

A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIRST: a steamy and very explicit romantic novella of hotwives and swinging, from the author of Swingers’ Party, The Other Couple, and Private Dancer.

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Naval Maneuvers

Men and women of the armed forces experience lust and love pretty much like everyone else. Except, well, there is that uniform. And the hard-to-resist attraction of “duty, honor, service” as a man might apply them to a woman’s pleasure. All things considered, romance among the military is a pretty sexy, compelling force for which you’d better be armed, whether weighing anchor and moving forward into desire, dropping anchor and staying put for passion, or setting a course for renewed love with anchor home. Explore the world of love and the military and see just how hot Naval Maneuvers can be.

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Only a Good Man Will Do

Seriously ambitious man seeks woman to encourage his goals, support his (hopeful) position as Headmaster of Westover Academy, and be purer than Caesar’s wife. Good luck with that!

Daniel Goodman is a man on a mission. For years he has striven for perfection, fighting for the pinnacle achievement in his world of academia, Headmaster of Westover Academy. Westover, established before the American Revolution, is still one of the most prestigious schools in the country. They accept only boys whose parents fit a certain mold and only those teachers who hold to a stringent set of mores, on and off campus. Jonah considers his brother a prig. Daniel sees himself as doing his best to serve his students. How much better can he serve them as headmaster? That is what he seeks to find out.

Suddenly, into his cut and dried, strictly black and white life of moral and upright behavior, comes Eve Star, formerly one of Europe’s foremost exotic dancers. Her life is anything but cut and dried, black and white. Bad enough that she’s enrolled her son in Westover Academy under false pretenses. More, she runs the town’s most disreputable bar. Worst, much to Daniel’s dismay, he finds himself drawn to her like a kid to chocolate. Nothing good can come of this attraction. Or can it? He is after all, a good man.

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Love on the Map

When a man whose career is making maps loses himself, where does he turn? In Eric Mueller’s case, he unwillingly must rely on his step-brother, Alexander Brittain. But Allie has his own problems—he’s disappointed his mother and Eric’s father in dozens of ways, and he can’t seem to grow up. Can these two very different men make each other change in the ways they need to, and become the lovers they’ve been destined to be since their teen years?

Or will step-brothers be as close as they can ever get?

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Love on the Boil

What if the one who got away came back-and you had to work together to achieve your dreams?

Eddie Gonzalez and Darren Carter had a hot college romance, derailed when they graduated and went in different directions.

But now they’re both on South Beach, both trying to start gourmet tea businesses. A venture capitalist forces them to collaborate—but will their venture go up in flames just as it’s heating up?

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The Cupid Gang (Shared and Shameless)

Who would have thought a nerdy college student could get such a bang out of a mythological studies project?

When I assembled an altar to Eros, god of love, I just wanted some blog photos. I never imagined I’d manage to summon Eros himself!

And not just Eros. Two more lusty gods, Cupid and Dionysus, decided to come along for the fun. Now, these three divine alpha males are going to claim my innocence for themselves, and give me a hard, unprotected first time I’ll never be able to forget.

The Cupid Gang is nearly 5000 words of MFMM fun, as the gods of Mount Olympus fill Madison’s every hole with their own heavenly ambrosia.

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Montreal Mischief

Ryan and Jackie Murphy have come to Montreal for a wild weekend. The young Boston couple is ready to recharge their marriage after a tiring year building their own lifestyle business together. Now it’s time to play in the Sin City of the North, and they’re looking for kinks they can’t get back in Beantown.

Jackie loves Leonard Cohen, and wants to make a French connection with romance over fondue and chocolate croissants. Ryan’s looking for something a little more hard core, like a trip to a strip club, a hot sweat in a swinger’s club sauna, and maybe even a bit of ménage.

Will they be able to reach a compromise amongst all the naughty options in Montreal’s Underground City, or will this romantic weekend away turn out to be a disaster?

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One Night Only: Watching Her With Another Man

Craig’s always had a fantasy of watching his wife Sara with another man. For two years it’s been limited to dirty talk in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Sara’s a lawyer who works with celebrity clients. One project put her in touch with the famous DeMarcus Johnson, a good-looking, six-foot-five, three-hundred pound linebacker—when the job was done, DeMarcus didn’t stop texting. Craig encouraged it, reading over her shoulder and helping her with what to say…

Months of innuendo sent through their phones have led to tonight: Sara’s three-thousand miles from home, in DeMarcus’s city, and she agreed to meet him. DeMarcus knows she’s married. When a woman like her agrees to meet up with a man like him it can only mean one thing…

Craig’s at home and Sara says she’ll keep her phone open so he can listen in… If she gets the nerve to actually do this.

Craig sure hopes so—he’s wanted this for so long he aches for it. But once it begins, she warns him, he can’t change his mind…

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The Adventures of Neela

Neela needs a strong hand in her life—specifically, in her bed. Her boyfriend Jason doesn’t know how to be that. Fortunately, Neela’s new friend, Simone, does. After Simone claims Neela in a spectacular fashion, right in front of Jason, she treats Neela to a sampling of kinks before showing her the power her submission has brought her.

While Neela learns to obey without thinking, Simone tutors Jason on the responsibilities a top has toward a bottom. But while Jason learns to enjoy seeing Neela senseless with pleasure, even if he isn’t responsible for it, no one prepared him for where Neela’s journey is about to take him.

As Neela gives in to her all her needs, submitting to a variety of people, there’s only one question on Jason’s mind: is he ready to take care of her every pleasure?

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Love Knot

Although craving a quiet life out of the public eye, Andrew and Bryony rarely miss an opportunity for erotic fulfilment—even in the most unlikely of historic monuments. But during a supposedly relaxing yachting holiday round the Aegean, Bryony falls under the spell of a cocky and irresistible stallion of the sea. And the result? Maritime marital meltdown.

As the pair struggle to navigate the rough seas on board the yacht, they’re met with an even more dangerous foe; a psychological and sexual tempest worthy of the god Neptune himself. He has his sights set on the couple—and the money he’ll make from showcasing them.

Desperate to find their way safely back to dry land, the newlyweds must overcome the stranger’s attempts to prove his prowess in a nautical threesome, a task which will test their love as never before.

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