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Featuring new releases and enduring favorites

Our selection of novels and anthologies feature really good, really smart erotic fiction for people who want sexy no-holds-barred engrossing stories that will appeal to men and women looking for sophisticated, realistic sex—and lots of it. Titles range from hardcore bondage and spankings to passionate love stories and all the lusty varieties in-between.

Trained By A Bigger Man

Blake has never been more in love with his wife, Celia. But for months now, he hasn’t been able to perform for her in bed.
Sensing her husband has needs she simply can’t meet, Celia makes a wild suggestion: that they bring in a third person to stoke the fires.
Shocked but intrigued, Blake agrees, but insists the third be male. A man who can fulfill the role he himself has been failing at. All while he watches on.
But when the big day arrives, Celia has plans of her own. And the tall, broad-shouldered and handsome man she brings in has only one target.
It won’t be pretty.
It won’t be gentle.
But it’ll be exactly what Blake needs.

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Trained By My Girlfriend’s Dad

When the man of your dreams is your girlfriend’s dad . . .

Darryl Cole likes his men questioning, pliable, trainable. There’s nothing he loves more than a man on his hands and knees, begging him to break in their virgin ass.

But when he catches side-long glances from Dominic Castro, his daughter’s boyfriend from college, Darryl knows those looks will be nothing but trouble. Doesn’t matter Dominic claims he’s straight. That he’s dedicated to Darryl’s daughter. Dominic isn’t either of those things, but Darryl isn’t sure he’s the man who should prove it.

For his daughter’s sake, for his, Darryl tries to resist Dominic. But when Dominic’s glances turn from lukewarm to scorching hot, and he proves he’s all too willing to beg a more experienced man to take charge, Darryl doesn’t stand a chance against Dominic’s charms.

After all, taking charge is exactly what Darryl does best, even if it means facing a past he’d rather leave buried. Is Dominic the man who will help him heal that past? Or is he the man Darryl’s daughter will never be able to forgive him for?

Trained By My Girlfriend’s Dad is a M/M straight to gay first-time romance intended for an adult audience. If you like fast heat, complicated situations, flawed characters, and happy endings, then this story is for you!

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Strip Me

This sizzling and passionate romance follows two men whose lives are turned upside down by their intense mutual attraction.

Sam Richmond is a workaholic in danger of becoming the very man he despises—his father. Stressed and sick with worry, he’s desperate to shake off the shackles that bind him to his current path and embark on a life lived only for himself.

His friends are determined to pull him out of his funk and decide to drag him to a strip club that caters to both men and women. Sam is shocked when he develops an attraction to the show’s male headliner: Rico McIntyre. The two men end up in a backroom for a private lap dance that ends up being a game-changer for them.

Because, despite the fact that they both identify themselves as heterosexual, they decide to explore their strange attraction for one another—if only for one night. But one night quickly becomes another and then another, until a misunderstanding tears the two apart. Both men attempt to forget about the other, only for life to unexpectedly reunite them.

Can Sam and Rico embark on a relationship and come to terms with their new understandings of themselves and who they love? Or are they doomed from the start?

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Fall for You (A M/M Romance)

Ethan Sutton came to the stunning revelation he’d fallen in love with his best friend, Sebastian Young. Although friends since childhood, Ethan vowed to keep his feelings for Sebastian under wraps and live the rest of his life with this one secret between them. He’d rather keep their friendship than risk a lifelong connection and never see him again. But when they move into their own place at the start of their junior year, can Ethan keep his feelings from showing when they live so close together?

Sebastian Young had an epiphany about Ethan at the end of last year. He moved them into a loft he’d found over the summer allowing him to be closer to Ethan. As they settle into their lives in a new place with such close quarters, ex-girlfriends, nosy downstairs neighbors, and Sebastian’s own doubts could put their relationship in jeopardy before it even begins.

Can two best friends admit their feelings and fall in love?

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Spanked and Shared on Valentine’s Day: Shared and Shameless

When three proud aristocrats think they’re betrothed to naïve Lady Jessica, they determine to teach the duplicitous minx a strict lesson she’ll never forget at the Valentine’s Day ball – stripped naked and harshly spanked before the watching crowd. To her abject shame, the painful, humiliating correction so thrills her untouched body that she willingly surrenders herself to be roughly taken for the very first time by the three men.

Featuring rough multiple penetration, oral and anal play, BDSM, domination, submission, discipline spanking for correction, public humiliation and voyeurism.

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Vegas Babes #3: Sin City Sweethearts

Welcome to Las Vegas—leave your inhibitions at the city limits.

Like many newlyweds, Annie and Ted work hard, economize, live in a too-small apartment, and make passionate love whenever possible. They’re just a bit more open-minded and inclusive about sex than most couples—they met at The Fox’s Den strip club and bonded during an orgy. They’re delighted when fraternal twins Marcella and Madeleine McNabb move into the apartment downstairs. The innocent eighteen year old beauties have come to Las Vegas for university and to escape their overprotective family. Annie and Ted figure it’s practically their duty to educate the sisters about the real Sin City.

Marcie and Maddy prove to be apt pupils, with voracious carnal appetites. Before long they’re intimately involved not only with their upstairs neighbors, but also their hippie landlord and landlady, Maddy’s hunky coach, Marcie’s dominant department head, a handful of their classmates, a bevy of strippers from the Den and the infamous Foxy and Larry themselves. Then the four McNabb brothers come to town, threatening to drag the twins back to Ely, and things get truly wild.

MF. FF, MM and Ménage Erotica (Triple X rated)

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Knights of Stone: Gavin

His brothers have all found mates.

Gavin won’t make that mistake.

Why commit to one woman when so many lovely lassies come to their shows?

When he meets Fiona, he can’t keep away. But, she’s human. Human.

And dangerous. She could expose the secrets of his clan. Gavin should run from her, but flirting with danger is far too tempting…

Knights of Stone: Gavin is the thrilling conclusion in a hot shifter romance with a Highland touch and a hard hit of rock romance. Each book features a different character and can be read on its own. To start with book 1, read Knights of Stone: Mason.

If you like hot men in kilts, dark paranormal thrills, and forbidden love, then you’ll be hooked by the Highland Gargoyles Series!

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Amazon (Kindle)

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex

Did you know that women never wore knickers until the late 18th century? That Cleopatra reputedly invented the first vibrator? The rather odd history of the condom? What it means to give someone a green gown—and who was the first person to join the mile-high club?

Within this paean to the world’s favourite pastime, you will discover:

  • The “perils of self-pollution”
  • Why Popes had to have their scrotums felt
  • What Buckinger’s boot and Omar the tent maker are
  • The whereabouts of John Dillinger’s dong and Rasputin’s rump splitter
  • What does “to arrive at the end of a sentimental journey” mean?
  • How do you restore your virginity?

You’ll find the answers to these questions, as well as handy Medieval sex tips—and let’s not forget the woman who had 130 orgasms in an hour.

And while we’re at it, what on earth does the armadillo got to do with the missionary position?

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex covers an array of historical characters and their sex lives—from Chaucer to Wallis Simpson, from Rockefeller to a future king of England. Together with the definitive histories of vibrators, the merkin and the word “f—k” amongst others, this is the must have book of the year!

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Pie Girls and the Very Lonely Man

When Butler meets a retro rockabilly pie shop owner, the last thing he expects is that she’ll try to seduce him. No, scratch that. The last thing he expects is for the pie girl’s wife to walk in on them! When the pie girls invite him to stay at their house, a visit to a lonely small town grows into the kind of adventure Butler wouldn’t have dreamed up in his wildest fantasies. Can a lonely man live in a dream?

Bisexual fiction from award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.

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Taboo Sex with an Ex: 6 Explicit Erotica Stories

These girls love their daddies so much they just keep coming back for more… even though they know they shouldn’t… even though they said they wouldn’t! In this mouth-watering collection of sinful smut, six young women return to their daddies to fill their needs as only a daddy can. They shouldn’t have done it in the first time. They shouldn’t come back for seconds. But here they are, pretty and purring and
ready for more!

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