Featured Titles (Popular Erotic Books)

His Cautious Mate

When Bea is awoken by a loud crash in the middle of the night, she thinks it’s hoodlums partying in the street again. She is not expecting to find a bloodied and battered man sprawled out on her garden chaise-longue. She can’t very well leave him there, and he refuses...

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His Curious Mate

Anna is sensible, staid, and single—and sick of it. She wants excitement; she wants to be tied down and spanked! When she meets Callum on an online BDSM forum, she’s drawn to confess her fantasies to him. When he invites her to meet with him, do some of them for real?...

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Books in the Spotlight

Single Syllable Steve Single Syllable Steve
Seducing the hunky bouncer

Twisted Sheets Twisted Sheets

Unearthly Delights Unearthly Delights
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