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Sexy, provocative books

Our selection of novels feature really good, really smart erotic fiction for people who want sexy no-holds-barred engrossing stories that will appeal to men and women looking for sophisticated, realistic sex—and lots of it. Titles range from hardcore bondage and spankings to passionate love stories and all the lusty varieties in-between.

Derek Submits To Mistress Eva In Public

When Derek’s boss, Eva, walks in on him during an embarrassing private moment she announces that he’s fired.

Desperate to keep his job, Derek begs Eva to reconsider swearing he’ll do anything!

Eva then offers to let him be her sub during a public demonstration of the Femdom lifestyle. He will have to submit to her every command and endure many painful activities including candle wax and paddles.

Will Derek be able to withstand the public humiliation or will he discover the hidden pleasures of submitting himself from both ends, and allow this to change his life forever?

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The Lustful Wife

I could be a little obsessive, but when I found myself searching his Internet history, even I knew I was crossing a line.

What would you do, if you found out your husband was secretly calling into phonesex lines? Confront him? Throw him out? Divorce him?

Nope! Instead of getting angry, curious Tara decides to start listening in on John’s steamy conversations. She can’t help herself, because her laconic husband has never shared a fantasy with his wife during their entire marriage. But it turns out he’s been leading a double life, telling other women what he really wants in the bedroom!

When a frustrated Tara turns to her best friend, Kelly, for advice, her much more adventurous partner-in-crime hatches a plan to bring John and Tara together. Once the trap is set, using Kelly as bait, the two women spring it on one unsuspecting man whose fantasies are about to become a very sexy reality.

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The Motorbunny Club

Tasha wants a Motorbunny, the Cadillac of adult toys, and her husband, Max, finally agrees—but only if she can come up with a business plan to pay for such an expensive, luxury item.

Wily, determined Tasha comes up with a very innovative plan, converting a basement room and offering the first ride free—and that’s how the Motorbunny Club is conceived. 

Before long, business is booming, and the Motorbunny Club is so successful, Tasha enlists her new friend, Ashley, to keep up with the demand. 

Both women are enjoying the wildest ride of their lives, but Tasha has a secret she hasn’t told Max—yet. It seems she’s developed feelings for Ashley, and Tasha isn’t quite sure how she’s going to tell her husband that she wants to add more to their life than just a new toy…

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Hotwife in Training

Ok, So I’ve thought about my wife with other guys — what man hasn’t? Becca is smoking hot after all, and she’s the envy of all my friends. She is everything a man could want — the only thing she was lacking was a little confidence.

But that was all about to change…

I never should have said anything to my friends. I never should have let it go that far. But once they started, they just weren’t going to stop, and Becca just kept going along with it until it was too late.

They told her it was training. They told her to just obey.

They told her they would turn her into the perfect Hotwife.

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The BabyMaker

Ok, I’ll admit, I have a little bit of a reputation. It’s not just about my size, although people talk about that too. No, I have a knack for getting girls into trouble, if you know what I mean. It’s the thing that got me my nickname. It’s the reason they call me The BabyMaker.

But what started out as kind of a curse, turned into a bit of a blessing. My best friend Jennifer said there was a market for those kinds of services. She said there were woman who were looking for precisely that. So, with her ingenuity and my, ahem, gifts, we started a side hustle. And business was booming — although things got kind of weird…

There was the husband who demanded to watch what I did to his wife…

And then there was the businesswoman who ended up needing Jennifer’s help…

But despite all the weirdness, everything was just working out fine.

Until Jennifer and I stepped over that unspoken line, and things would never be the same again.

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The Thurian Chronicles

Love, lust, and six lives all entwined…

Lady Gwendolyn had accepted her lordship husband was a hateful man, and that their marriage was loveless. She never expected he’d be willing to use her as a pawn in a deadly bid to overthrow the king. With certain death at the hands of Barbarian raiders imminent, her rescue comes by the young knight dubbed the Rogue Dragon. Once chaste friends, the dangerous ride to the king’s encampment, changes…everything. The knight ignites white-hot passions within Gwen. Ones she truly believed only existed in ballads and legends. Yet, the burning flames of lust may not be able to save their lives.

Morgana is an exceptionally skilled thief, blessed with the ability to pickpocket with ease and distract with her beauty. Yet, when her father is executed and she and her sister are sentenced to be sold to the highest bidder, she’s determined to escape. When the strikingly handsome Nicolai-James Drake wins her servitude, Morgana is pleasantly surprised. Until she learns the reason why: the rumor that her father, before his death, found the mystical, legendary sword of Thuria’s first king…and that she knows where it’s hidden. Only, he’s not the only one who wants Morgana. A cruel ex-lover will stop at nothing to obtain the sword. Morgana needs to protect herself and save her sister—not to mention, win the heart of the seductive Drake.

Celine is a fierce warrior in a Frontier clan. At nineteen, she has proven her fighting abilities, but when it comes to relations with men, she’s a complete novice. That is, until her father, the chieftain, commands her to wed the king’s negotiator as part of a treaty between the clan and the enemy Thurian kingdom. Her new husband is unlike any man she has ever known; instead of brute strength, he possesses a brilliant mind. The pair are different in every way except one—neither can ignore the all-consuming lust between them. Their journey to the Thurian capital awakens glorious and wondrous passion, consuming and igniting the blood of both. Yet, when a vicious rival clan attacks, Celine is forced to make the ultimate decision…her life, or her husband’s.

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Becoming their toy

It was one night with power couple at the giga mansion. I was still a virgin. But I heard they have skills.  They were friends of a friend of mine. Lets just say after dinner, things got wild. Magic happened. I decided, I no longer wanted to be pure. I wanted something big at least 12 inches, and the husband delivered.

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American Alpha Soldier

A dangerous love story between a former racist on the path to redemption and a black woman skyrocketing towards fame.

An alpha male soldier with a dark past…
His dream woman, desperate for a gospel music award…

Their hearts weren’t prepared for a head-on collision like this.

A white man journeys towards healing and sheds his violent past before falling in love with an African American woman.

This page-turning ultra-steamy story of atonement, true love, kinky lust, and real redemption will change the way you think about interracial love.

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The Frozen Prince

Genevieve is a mere servant girl for the royal family, who’s best friend happens to be the princess, Malaya. When a powerful and dangerous man attacks the castle in an effort to steal the princess, Genevieve acts quickly to save Malaya—by offering herself instead.

The thwarted abductor, however, is no ordinary man. He is the Frozen Prince—a supposed urban legend cursed with an ice-filled heart and dark magic. When Genevieve is swept away to his isolated castle in the Northern Mountain, however, she discovers that there is far more to the legend than has been told. Like the unimaginable depths his ethereal white eyes hold…and the hold they have on her.

Genevieve is trapped between something sinister hiding on the mountain and a cursed prince whose carnal cravings gnaw at his heart. Emblazoned in the icy clutches of desire, if they can’t solve the mystery behind the Frozen Prince, neither will survive.

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Dungeon Disciplined By The King’s Knights 1 (Short & Steamy)

When haughty Princess Miranda insults visiting royalty, her legal guardian King Aldred must punish his naughty ward. He orders his four toughest knights to teach her a harsh lesson in masculine discipline, with a shameful public spanking and a terrifying dungeon visit to learn ladylike submission on its dreadful machines. Snooty Miranda is shocked, yet thrilled as her untouched young body responds in ways she never imagined. Featuring rough multiple penetration, oral and anal play, BDSM, domination, submission, discipline spanking for correction, public humiliation and voyeurism.

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