William S. Dean

Twisted Faith

You might call the very continuing existence of The City a blasphemy if you've got the evangelistic bent. Los Angeles — even the old name is a holy reference: Our Lady of the Angels in Spanish, of course'sits off a vast chaparral desert atop the San Andreas Fault, a...

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Wilmer was torn. He loved him some good pussy — and if the pussy he gravitated toward ended up beating his heart to death, splintering his soul, sucking the sanity out of his mind? It wasn't his fault. But the price tags kept gnawing him slowly like trained rats in a...

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"Feel the mighty engine's dance," Jerome repeated to himself, strolling along the twin steel rails. A thrush chirped somewhere and drew his eyes to the side of the tracks. Stale sunlight, trapped in the breezeless August trees, made him squint his eyes. The world of...

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Stranger in the Bonfire

Valinde ho-hummed around the house, sighing in the living room, bigger sigh in the bedroom, then back to the living room. She pouted her lower lip as she looked at the worn sofa, the repaired chairs, the scuffed coffee table. She leaned over to pick up a couple of...

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Buy Me Something

"Life's cruel in subtle ways," offered the old fart. She rolled her wide eyes and shrugged her small shoulders back at him. It made him laugh. "Very droll, Baby-Bitch." She stuck her tongue out at him, vivid pink tip between Blazing-Red lipstick lips, and stretched...

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Swap Meet

It made a kind of cultural sense that Hjalmar immediately launched into his smorgasbord metaphor as soon as Kris and I stepped through the portal. His short-cropped, spiky hair fluttered with nods. "Bibi gives the best head, male or female. You must get a taste of...

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Port Said

Like a turtle on its back, flailing, trapped, and slightly dazed, the underbelly of the city of Port Said looked harmless and amusing to Thomas Digit. Down in the rank exotic atmosphere, just below the hanging orange-dust haze, cleaving his way through the riotous...

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Political Asylum

Emerson took out his two and a half inches and stuck it in the slot. He felt as well as saw the end light up and then keyed in the download sequence. He grinned because every time it felt the same, like he was shooting a hot load into an even hotter receiver. When the...

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Kiss Me and Then… by Count of Shadow

Cabot Jeffries hung back in the shadows, eyes closed, his head gently nodding as he was swept away by the sultry song... "More than I can stand, my knees grow weak, each time...you speak." Jera Peabo whispered into the microphone like a woman on the brink of...

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Like the grating glissando of a sharp steel blade sliding out of its binding sheath with every step, the woman with the orange-red tousle of hair and the dark kohl-rimmed eyes walked toward me. The pale blue stare abstracted me from the crowd, focused, and targeted. I...

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