Seneca Mayfair

Newly Reformed Woman Seeks Man the Same

Newly reformed woman seeks man the same, Sam read aloud. Now what the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh Jeeze, Sam, you're reading the Stranger personals again. Don't you have anything better to do? Donna plopped down in the chair opposite her brother. She picked up a...

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Flashers by Seneca Mayfair

Diplomacy or Another Day on the North Island © 2006 Isabelle listens to Bach while drying her pantyhose. From her balcony she sees fishing boats bobbing in Island Bay. Yesterday in Wellington, a man intercepted her as she rushed from one lover to another. Her...

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Roasting Coffee

"But, Master, do I have to?" "Stop whining, Mary Beth. This will do you good," Master said. "But what if something happens?" "What could happen? You'll please me, and help me see if my device works. Enough. Now out of the car with you." Mary Beth gave one last...

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