Sam Thorne

The Right Man

The rain splashed across Cathy’s windscreen faster than her wipers could clear it, the continuous impact vibrating through her fingers. They clenched around the wheel as she navigated yet another blind corner, the right-hand bend a blur of muddy verge and road. With...

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“You know, I’m a bit jealous.” Chloe turned to Sarah, who lay face-down on the sauna bench. “Why?” “Centre of attention, big day.” Chloe grinned. “You’re chief bridesmaid. You’ll have your own big day.” Sarah propped herself up on her elbows. “This spa weekend with my...

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Just One More Thing

Ethan kicked the bedroom door open, left eye twitching behind his glasses, his shoulders broadening under his cardigan. “That’s it! I’m taking you off the insurance for the Jag!” My mouth went dry. I knew he’d be unhappy, but Ethan never got this angry. “I’m s-sorry—”...

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All Hot and Bothered

Anita focussed on the dachshund pup wriggling cheekily in Brad’s left hand rather than the broad, tanned set of knuckles in which it was cradled. NO SURGERY ROMANCES, said her contract. The heat was stifling. Still, the probie nurse must perform. “…please?” She...

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