Robert Buckley

Bench Mates

He tried not to stare, tried to pretend he hadn't noticed her long creamy pale legs. Most times girls paid him scant attention. Why would they? He could be their grandfather. Every so often one would cast him a glance and frown. Dirty old man, huh? By now he ought to...

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Cthulus Toad

(sequel to Paladins selected for Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Vol 10) The Essex Street pedestrian mall throbbed with a swelling bustle of souls crowded within its confines, some in costume, some in warm weather street dress. Girls in short shorts or even shorter...

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The Brotherhood of the Hand

The fire wasn't my fault. Nobody ever said it was my fault. It was the damned stove. I knew it was a cheap piece of junk. Probably wired by some poor sonuvabitch making 13 cents an hour in some shithole country you never heard of. So I slept through the smoke alarms...

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Convenience Store

Between jobs. Sounds better than out-of-work, doesn't it? Like you're on vacation or something. I'd been between jobs for about six months ... That's a lot of 'between'. Plenty of time for my severance pay to evaporate. That's how I came to apply for the night shift...

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Dead Mans Switch

"They shouldn't force me to retire." "C'mon, Jake, you're the oldest guy in the Carmens Union. You're a public employee; you got no choice. Cripes, you coulda punched out twenty years ago at full pension." "What the hell else am I good for, Pete, except driving these...

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Does Immortality Come with a Pension?

The young nun's hips swayed so sweetly Locan half-expected her to glance back at him over her shoulder and wink. She did smile as she gestured to him to follow her into the bishop's study. Bishop Galway hunkered over his desk scowling at newspaper clippings. "Sister...

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A Fragile Desire

Tim hated malls, big stores and shopping in general. He especially hated shopping with his wife. He could think of any number of ways they could have spent a rare weekday off together, but she had implored him to drive her to the mall. If her car wasn't in the shop...

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Adam and Eve on a Raft

"Adam and Eve on a Raft" originally appeared in Coming Together: Al Fresco edited by Alessia Brio (Coming Together, 2012) Lauren couldn't wait to go skinny-dipping. As Daniel expected, she was enchanted by the notion that such a bucolic oasis existed within the urban...

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Absentee Ballots

"Why, Billie Ray Stubbs, I ain't seen you around here in a dog's age. So where's my favorite, handsomest sheriff's deputy been keeping hisself?" Deputy Stubbs lanky six-feet, five-inch frame rose out of his cruiser like a slender swamp pine. "Hi there, Miss Sally," he...

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An Unconventional Friendship

On the night before her wedding, Martie and I are entwined and tangled in sex-soaked sheets; her hair, a riotous blonde nest, partially covers my face as she burrows hers into the crook of my neck. Our sweat mingles and trickles off our naked bodies, still radiating...

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