Robert Buckley

Independence (or An Orphan’s Progress)

It is said that History is written by those who prevail. I say all History ought to be written by orphans. For, no matter how much one strives to preserve objectivity, most people are influenced by the prejudice and preconceptions they inherit from their first and...

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Ask me what is the most dangerous part of the job. Trailing some low-life thief who has scammed an old lady out of her life savings? Videotaping some hulking behemoth of a longshoreman who's collecting a phony disability? Worming your way into a drug ring operating...

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Extraordinary Graces

Extraordinary afflictions are not always the punishment of extraordinary sins, but sometimes the trial of extraordinary graces. — Rev. Mathew Henry 1662-1714 * * * * * A drunk was caterwauling outside, which was to be expected, since their room was one floor...

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Embraceable Ewe

"I feel so silly and stupid." Archie cast a sympathetic glance at his wife, Tami, as she hunched down in the passenger seat as if trying to disappear inside her off-white wooly costume. "Aw, honey, they're going to love you. You look adorable." "Archie, we should...

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Excess of Light

1873 He stood in the midst of the prairie, the vast plain expanding without feature toward the horizons, beyond the limits of sight. In such a place a man — no matter how small he made himself — could not escape the eye of God. A sensation, familiar, nauseating — like...

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A Weekend in Queens … with Enid

The wedding invitation came out of the blue. I nailed it to the wall with a tack. The pleasure of your company is requested at the celebration of the wedding of Erin Marie Regan and Barry David Edelstein ... She was going by her maiden name. I wondered what happened...

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The Exchange

He was angry — at himself. He had caved in to them so easily. Why didn't he speak up, express his misgivings? Or did he really want to know what it was like? He cursed his perverted curiosity. Ann's keening sigh reverberated from the room at the opposite end of the...

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Close To Hand

Veronica is licking my balls. She holds my cock in one hand, lifting it straight toward the ceiling, keeping my scrotum taut as she takes one testicle entirely into her mouth and swirls it with her tongue. She lets it slip through her lips. Wet warmth flees, replaced...

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Coins for the Ferryman

I hate islands. I cannot understand their allure, the way people marry the words island and paradise. Paradise, my ass. An island is a trap, a prison, a fucking Alcatraz, a place that reminds you every day you wake up on it, there's no place else to go. Pirates...

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I don't know exactly when I went crazy. I could have been nuts for years and just hadn't realized it. I mean, you see a lot of weird things in the city anyway, and in my line of work what's weird is just news. I do remember when I got my first hint that my right mind...

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