Robert Buckley


Damned forced overtime, he thought. Why can’t the cheap bastards see that they need to hire at least three more people? The ride home sucked too. Wearily he closed the door behind him and turned to see his wife – in a bordello-red chemise – loping in full, long-legged...

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You Get What You Pay For

"What's the matter, Gleason? Never seen a woman fucked out of her senses before?" The man with the bulging briefcase had stepped - actually sidestepped - into the pool of light in the center of what was once a sunken dance floor. He leaned to one side, peering at the...

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You’re the Only One

Only a blind person could keep his eyes off Gelsey. When she came into a room everyone, male and female, interrupted their life for a moment and just gazed. And after she had settled into their midst, they were compelled to steal frequent glances. Gelsey was like a...

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What Now?

Morgan and Linda dropped off their friends and neighbors at the curbside in front of their home. "Think about it, okay?" Sally said, and waved. Linda waved back, then Morgan drove three doors down and pulled into their own driveway. Neither Linda nor Morgan made a...

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They Need Me

The Abbey of Saint Blaise hunkered on the edge of a bluff above the village at the edge of the Adirondacks, but one approached it from the flank along a roadway just out of sight of the gothic-grotesque monstrosity. There was one final bend of the road before the...

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The Man Who Loved Judy Blue Eyes

The conductor's voice boomed throughout the train car. "Happy New Year, folks. Next stop: New London." So it was past midnight, and he'd put another year behind him, along with New Haven. He closed his eyes, adjusted his earphones and searched through the dial as...

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The Angel of Loneliness

Locan railed under his breath at the flat, seamless darkness that continued toward inky infinity. "Fucking GPS - ain't worth a shit. Wish I had a fucking map." Rachel stirred beside him. "Hmm, are we there yet?" "I have no idea. I knew I shouldn't have trusted this...

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The Dog Park

He oughtn't to have such thoughts, he scolded himself. Not about a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. Not that he suffered any sense of guilt; she didn't — couldn't — make him feel guilty. He supposed she regarded him as a harmless old guy, just another...

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The Great Sin

Father Gus genuflected before the altar and crossed himself. He was about to close the chapel for the evening when behind him he heard the hesitant patter of a soul in anguish. He stood, turned. "Jerry, fancy seeing you here." "Hi, Father ... how're you doing?" "Shall...

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He was at the edge of slumber, his mind reeling off a loop of jumbled images too inchoate yet to qualify as a dream. Her voice — her cry — echoed through the white noise in his brain once, and then again. He broke the surface of wakefulness doubting he had actually...

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