Richard Raiment

Recalled to Life

Lying sprawled out and naked on the bed I am talking to Norman on the phone. At least I'm trying to talk to Norman on the phone. My new friend Max doesn't like Norman. And Max hasn't even met him yet. He breaks off from what he is doing to scowl at the phone as soon...

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

It is six o'clock on Christmas morning and I wake up like I always do. That way I am awake enough to roll out of the way just before Jake bounces on the spot where my gut would have been, knocking all the breath out of my body being his chosen way of celebrating the...

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Flashers by Richard V Raiment

Bowing to the Muse — A Writer's Tail © 2004 He writes because he cannot stanch the flow of semen-white blood from his writer's soul. She reads because he's hers. Then, lustful and laughing, she brings each story to their special times. A hero bound and teased...

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Honeyed Tongues

Honeyed tongues drip practised lies so sweetly. The words of him whom she has barely met are already covertly caressing places too intimate for the hand she does not yet permit, the cock she has not yet seen, the tongue only heard and not yet tasted. One hand playing...

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Richmond, Dear Park

We begin every day in ignorance. Oh, we have plans, it's true, but they are only schemes written in air, lines drafted on the invisible parchment of future. We can never really know what will happen; whether we will make it to work by 8.30, whether the girls will turn...

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The Dishonourable Member

Among men there are some, well-endowed or less-so, who still manage when naked to look commanding and powerful, undiminished in sauna, Turkish bath or shower. Sadia's Member of Parliament is not one of these. If Sadia knew anything of naturists, which she does not,...

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Scars on the Abdomen? 'Betty' certainly had those, but not only those. Poor, dear lady. Her body resembled a railway map, back and front and on either flank, the delineations of cut and stitch a disconcerting statement of weight reducing surgery. And it is not as if...

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