Raziel Moore

Invisible Lines

(1) Big Lou, of Big Lou's Tattoos, scowled. "Let me get this straight," he said, "You want that tattoo." Sima looked again at the full color lotus blossom design, bit her lip and nodded. "With no ink." The artist, his sleeveless T revealing an Illustrated Man's worth...

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Mike's philosophy was that if you're going to show something, you want it seen - or at least you don't mind it seen, and that anything you see is fair game to ask questions about. He hadn't always been that way, but life was different now. "Is that some kind of...

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We were in that really filthy part of the fuck, when I felt like a steel pole being forged by the Goddess herself, and Dawn was rocking under me with each thrust, emitting sounds that would make lesser men, and women, cream their jeans instantaneously. Sure that...

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Micropoetry Medley

All Wrong she squats on the bed mirror beneath you boys are all wrong, she says there's not any teeth by Daddy X — 2012 * * * * * Worlds apart, yet closer than ever. Talk dirty to me. Lust has a ferocious appetite. Taking all it wants leaving love to feed on the rest....

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Where is my poetry?

Gone into the honeyed words I laid out for you To draw you nearer A needless lure Woven into garments of verse Draped across your shoulders Then coyly slipped off In mutual baring Braided into coarse chords of meter We tied each other under night Then cut free With...

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Dear Sir, I demand that you cease to trouble my maidenly crease, You've spent far too long assaulting my thong. Now, man up and grant me release. Remittance Girl — 2012 * * * * * The Marquis Before he was known as de Sade The Marquis was a bit of a clod Then he got...

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Does Poetry Have Rules?

Poetry is the language of disciplinarians and iconoclasts. Poetry is fluidity in rigidity, and structure in chaos. Poetry is lyrical seduction and discordant fuck. Poetry is the gentle violence of words. Poetry is contradictory agreement. Poetry is oxymoronic. Poetry...

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This is my first time With a foreigner, he says. But it isn't mine.... Donna George Storey — 2012 * * * * * warm as sun, your smile opens me like a flower in the morning light Olivia Summersweet © 2012 * * * * * Rode her like a pro: old woman, girly - rent paid Steve...

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