Nan Andrews

Spirit Guides

"Bernard? Are you there?" Marguerite whispered. There was no answer. The dusk was filled with crickets chirping. She looked out into the shadowed garden and clutched her shawl more tightly about her shoulders. She crossed the wide porch, walking around one of the tall...

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At Rest

Date: 2036, Denver/Wichita Econodential Zone Jim stabbed at the bubble controls of the paypod at the fueling station, trying to enter his access code. It was like one of those nightmares where he was trying to make a call and was required to enter string after string...

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Stand and Deliver

She was ready to hang up her spurs. The man who'd promised to spank her managed three swats and then started to cry. Another one talked deliciously dirty on the phone, but when they met, he only wanted her to pee on him. Her favorite sadist was too depressed to answer...

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