Mike Kimera

The Sisters

Bear Creek, Missouri 1884 My name is Jonas Kale. I am forty-six years old. I was married two days ago. By dawn the Sisters will have taken the last of my breath from me and I will be dead. Most of my strength has already been drained away. The face I see in the mirror...

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Till Death Do Us Part

It was an upscale apartment that still managed to look elegant and spacious despite the clutter that a bunch of cops working a crime scene brought with them. Murphy, the uniform first on the scene met us at the elevator. She's a good cop, young but keen. "What you got...

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Soft Option

He knew the reason for it. At least he thought he knew it. He had only to look at himself in the mirror to gain insight. He was overweight, over forty, and overworked. That was how he felt sometimes... over. When the penis isn't erect, not even slightly, it's...

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Sex With Owen

Owen always brushes my hair first, his large, scarred, sculptor's hands accomplishing the task with a patient, graceful thoroughness that calms me, distracting me from our nakedness and the hard hot proximity of his presence. My red-blonde hair is long and thick and...

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Deserving Ruth

"My wife says you like to come in her mouth, David." We are only one drink in to the evening and this isn't the conversational opener I'd expected. I nurse my bottle of Bud and say nothing. Lars puts his arm around my shoulders, leans his head down towards mine and...

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Annette had promised herself she would not open the latest postcard until the evening, but she had woken to an arousal she couldn't ignore, so here she was, at the computer, searching for stimulation; something to light up her mind's eye while her fingers worked their...

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Paying For It

"Hello, luv. Come on in. Aren't you good, you're right on time. Come on through to the lounge." The whore's voice is light, pleasant and sounds younger than she looks. She smiles as she gazes up into my face, standing very close but not actually touching me, and for a...

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Playing with Barney

I'm back in the room again, facing the mirror that he watches me through. It's important that I pretend not to know that he's there. If he wanted eye contact there'd be no need for the mirror. I smile at myself. I look good today. It's summer in the world outside and...

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I wake in darkness, cock hard, mouth dry, wondering what is wrong. Your side of the bed is cold and empty. The insomnia demon has you in her grip again. I will probably find you hunched over your computer fucking strangers in chatrooms. Maybe I should pretend to be a...

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The Last Taboo

Most men lie about sex. I don't know why. We talk about it often and loudly in all those places where men gather without women. We talk about who we'd like to fuck and how and sometimes where. We brag about our performance on one-night-stands or with whores or with...

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