Lilie Berlin

Naughty Little Girl

You know he can see you from the other room through the open door and darkness. He does his best to keep his sidelong glances casual. The thing that gives him away, besides the hungry look in his eye, is the long bulge angling up the front of his trousers. You will...

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Color Less Ordinary

This story was inspired by Ken Moody Eating a Blue Shoe (Robert Mapplethorpe, 1985) Gray. From the sky, to the cool waters of the Sound, the entire city was a thousand shades of gray. The Emerald City in January. I plodded through it on my way home from work one...

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New Again

It began with unspoken consent, an innocent suggestion to share a room for a cool night in the middle of June. We swerved drunkenly through the city, eyes squinting upward for a vacancy sign. My girlfriend wanted to go home, so I left her on the street corner next to...

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Tommy was the kind of guy all mothers want to see their daughters bring home. He was good natured, funny, and handsome. He gave up his seat on the bus for little old ladies. He carved turkey at the homeless shelter downtown every Thanksgiving. He sighed heavily every...

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