Lara Nickles


It was exactly the kind of day when we should have been outside doing something, and yet none of us felt like moving or summoning the energy to leave the couch for other than to rummage around in the bottom of the pantry for another bottle of wine. Across the room,...

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I do it because he asks me to. Even though it's him, I'm shy at first and lie with my back to him, a leg forward, relaxing. He can't see me, not my face. He doesn't know I can see him in the fragment of mirror that is not crowded by the tangle of clothes strewn over...

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I don't realise I have dozed until one of them moves. It's Nathan under my arm, my arm across his shoulders, Nathan up beside me on the pillows. His eyes are closed, sleeping, so I think, in his sleep nuzzling my side just below my breast, with his lips. It's a cosy...

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