Keziah Hill

Strawberry Flavoured Joy

Gina Davies sighed inwardly and thinned her lips. This was the last time she'd rescue a stray waif as a favour to her English friends. She liked being hospitable, she liked meeting new people, but she did not like housing morose depressives with nothing to say. Even...

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The Second Coming

Father James Murphy thought about God a great deal. It was his business after all. At first, in the seminary, he rarely felt God's presence but now, after twenty years serving in His name, James knew God was with him all the time. Even as he stood, naked, with a scarf...

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Laying Down the Law

I hate some sex toys. Plastic ones that smell funny and have stupid battery compartments. Those irritating slide things always stick, so I end up breaking a nail. And all those cutesy poo animal shapes in hideous colours. Why on earth would anyone want to be fucked by...

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Dutch Masters

She stood, trying to be reverent before the pale, ascetic face. Brown eyes, whiskey coloured hair, a vague almost saintly stare. Several centuries had rendered him sacred and worthy of worship in this dim, secular church. All of the men looked like Charles II, staring...

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Somewhere along the corridor he could hear a low moan. As the night wore on it got louder and more desperate. With lust or fear; he wasn't sure. Maybe here there wasn't a difference. * * * David Jenkins caught his finger in the hole punch and cursed. Then cursed...

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