Kathleen Bradean

It’s Lovely, It’s Horrible

At some point, it stops being fun. When you grab a delicious black-haired young thing in smudged eyeliner on the dance floor of a semi-legal basement club to devour his lips and grind against his hand so he can feel the drenched heat between your thighs, then you're...

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Orbiting in Retrograde

Tawdry. The first word that stuck in my mind when I saw Minat at the spaceport was tawdry, and nothing about her later changed my opinion. She leaned against the white tile wall of the immigration building and listlessly scratched her arm with her gloved hand. The...

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Challenger Deep

Pop rode from Oakland to Guam in my lap. I put my vintage green and yellow A's baseball cap over him so that people wouldn't notice the plain cardboard box with the gold embossed stamp, "Whiteside and Sons Funeral Directors." A dusty cobweb clung to the back corner of...

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City Lights

My man needed a lot of attention. That wasn't meant as a complaint. It was an observation. The first time we met I sensed that hunger in him. Other Doms couldn't understand my reluctance to touch him. After all, who could resist that tight, muscled butt, bared and...

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