Jude Mason

Peeping George

Forty-five if she was a day, but well preserved he thought, as he took in the expanse of flesh before it disappeared into the water. Jane was a bit on the short side, five-three maybe. She had more curves than was fashionable, but man; he'd love to get hold of her....

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The Auction

"Stand up straight. Come on, straight I said, feet apart, hands behind your head and suck in that gut." The harsh words echoed throughout the sparsely furnished auction hall as the hushed group looked on, admiring the latest item for auction. Young, possibly...

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Silk Appetizer

"I dare you," I said, just loud enough for him to hear over the background music. We'd placed our orders, dinner would take awhile to prepare and with the promise of a healthy tip, the waiter to leave us alone until it was ready. "What, right here—now?" He asked,...

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