John E

Saturday Morning

You know, a few years ago it would have been hard for me to tell you this story. Then again, a few years ago things were different. We weren't straight with each other. Yeah, we'd joke about jerking off—each time in a way that would leave an out for the conversation...

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Lox (a short appreciation of Nicholson Baker’s VOX)

"When I was in school I had a part-time job," he said, "many, in fact, but of course most were tediously numbing and very unsexy. But this one — well, it was different." "Did it have to do with checking off lingerie items on a packing list? I suppose that you'd...

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Johnny’s Jackoff Journal

now that i've been keeping these official records haha for a few months i've forgotten why. maybe i should have started the thing with a mission statement or something. i've forgotten why i started and maybe why i started writing these blurts was for an understanding...

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I Wish My Dick Was Bigger

Well, longer anyway. I know a guy who has a bulge down by his knee. Maybe not that long. Maybe thicker too, come to think of it. I dread the day when a woman comments on my size. Not that I'm all that small. Sometimes I'm surprised at — proud of even —...

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Ava’s Honey

It must be bad news, Ava thought, 'cause he put on Shostakovich. That boring sadness from which he feeds. "Honey, what happened?" This is the warpiest sitcom. A rejection, probably. The same type of problem as a blown lawnmower or an exploding coffee maker would be in...

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Flashers by John E

Watch © 2006 Imagine you're invisible, following a couple you know nothing about, trailing them through city streets. There's animated non-stop talk and laughter, and beyond that bright hunger. They enter a hotel, right into its lift. They kiss long there—claw...

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The Cuckoo Clock

The Cuckoo Clockby John EThe explosion at the oil refinery across the river vibrated windows throughout the house. A palpable sound, it was made more enigmatic by the dumb blurts of the cuckoo clock following it by less than half a minute, almost precisely at...

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A Letter to Sarah Julie

Dear Eleanor, You're probably wondering why I'm calling you Eleanor. I figure eventually the world figures these things out—these meaningful non sequiturs—but I'll drop my usual flip posturing and tell you from my heart that calling you Eleanor happens naturally, and...

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A Round of Cheer

Bill favored tongue work, and was crazy for women who appreciated it." Right now it was Judy he bragged about during a round with the boys at Pat's." He stayed with her a month or so, and she allowed and enjoyed his hours between her legs." She went giddy with his...

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they're different fingers swearing at me one would never think of down comforter and fireplace bubbly and opium but for the slow sure unleashing into the moment of my fear when their tips press hands contoured squeeze filthy fingers i like to think burst through the...

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