James M. Hunter


He heard his name softly and far, far away. He felt the most gentle warm breath in his ear and the feather light caress of lips. It was exquisite. Then his name again, so softly, "Al-lexx." Darcie began speaking in the same soft whisper voice against his ear, "I...

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They had been toying with each other in a most delightful manner. It was quiet and lovely and deliciously lascivious. Now she wanted more — she wanted to be unleashed. "Lick me Alex?" "Come up on me." She straightened her arms against the mattress and pushed...

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Mixed Feelings

Vinnie got home at 7:30 in the morning like he did every morning. Vinnie worked nights like he did every night for the last five years. This was Wednesday morning and Vinnie was gonna get laid like he has every Wednesday morning since he married Stella three years...

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