J.Z. Sharpe

Naked over New York

Jake poured himself a glass of chardonnay and selected the light-jazz station, too tired to even choose a CD. After working twelve hours straight to meet a deadline, he didn't even want to think anymore, let alone make decisions. He sipped from his wine glass, walked...

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The Memoir

Chip pushed the notebook across the table. "It's not what I expected, Jan. Not at all." "What do you mean?" His sister's blue eyes, so much like his own, narrowed as she opened the worn leather cover and scanned the first page. "I knew Mom was working on her memoirs....

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The Heirloom

Meredith's father presents us with the bed at the big family party, a week before our wedding. He makes a big deal of it, of course, the way he makes a big deal out of everything. "This came from my great-grandfather Daniel," he says, running his hand along the smooth...

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Girl on a Swing

Inspired by "The Swing" (1766) Jean-Honore Fragonard (French, 1732-1806) I can see the painting from my place in the cloakroom. It's so lovely. When I'm alone, I can't stop staring at it. I want to find its secret. I'm quite sure there is a message in there for me,...

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