Iris Perkins

I Want To Straddle Your Head

I want to straddle your head Yes, you heard me I want to straddle your head I want to be the mystery In the history That makes you wonder I want to be the Query behind the thought process That makes you wonder I want to be the idea that runs around in your head all...

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Prestidigitation Slight of hand that is. That's what happens When your hands get near my thighs Yeah, they disappear. You want to make it to my slick Wetness, But you also want to get warm. So my warm Wetness is what you find You fondle Your finger disappears I feel...

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One Night Stand

I do not like one night interludes Sometimes the morning intrudes On my desire to satisfy, as well as being satisfied However, my lust cannot be denied I must stretch out moments and then Remember what it is like pleasing you again and again I yearn to taste you...

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