Helen E. H. Madden

Virtual Love

Virtual Love Dylan sat in the darkened room of his parents' basement and pulled his best girl into his lap, cradling her molded plastic casing just above his hard-on. "Oh Momoko-chan," he whispered. "I love it when you slip off your panties and play with yourself."...

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When the Angels Fall

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned." On the other end of the vid line I heard a small sigh. The view screen showed nothing but the grille pattern signifying the confidentiality of the confessional call-in line. Even so, I knew who waited on the other end. Father...

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The Monster Beneath The Bed

The Monster Beneath The Bed "Alice, what the hell are you wearing?" Alice stood in her bedroom and trembled beneath the weight of her husband's critical glare. The delicate black lace nightgown that had seemed so beautiful only minutes before now left her feeling...

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The Fifth Horseman

The Fifth Horseman As Eric lay dying in Saint Bartholomew's hospital, four ghastly figures gathered around his bed. "Hello, Eric," said a skull-faced fellow who carried a scythe. His dark robes flapped in the still air of the room. "Who…are you…guys?" Eric gasped. His...

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Over The Rainbow

"God, I hate this job..." Marcy Grey, lead secretary of the United Earth Immigration Services' sub-sub-department for extra-terrestrial immigration, hit her head against her desk, moaning. On her computer screen were the latest updates for the application for Lawful...

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Neighbor of the Beast

He was at it again. Neville curled into a fetal position beneath the blanket on his bed, pillow clasped over his head. It was just barely Sunday, the clock on the nightstand reading a few minutes after midnight, and Neville's neighbor was once again entertaining...

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Husbands and Wives

Davy sat alone at a scarred wooden table outside a small cafe. Twilight draped the sky above him in velvet shades of blue and purple. Stars studded the far horizon like crystalline splinters of ice. Their glinting light sent a chill down Davy's spine. This was his...

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Going Viral

Going Viral Fred sat in his cubicle, bored out of his skull. His back ached from sitting at a lousy desk chair with no lumbar support, while the ticking of the office clock seemed to drive a tiny spike into his skull with every passing second. Tik! Tik! Tik! It was...

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The Unfair Maidens

Once upon a time, there was a daring young knight named Lance. He was very tall, blond, and handsome, and he knew how to handle his sword. "Take that you evil fiend!" Lance thrust his weapon into the scaled belly of an enormous green dragon. The beast clutched at his...

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The Honey Bee

The long, yellow spadix of the giant anthurium jutted aggressively from the bowl of its single scarlet leaf. Deacon stripped off his glove and ran a forefinger lightly over the bumpy surface of the flower's phallic protuberance, watching it shiver at his touch....

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