G. Gregory

Safari Tuesday

The click of the turn signal indicator was the only sound that could be heard as the CD player changed discs. She had forgotten what was next, after all there were five more in the machine, or was it nine? No matter; there were plenty. She lived amongst plenty. The...

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Fuck Mountain

The western sun sank slowly toward a ridgeline adorned with the spiny fingers of naked poplar trees. Angular shadows from the porch railing sprawled lazily across the porch, slowly pointing toward evening. The chains supporting the porch swing he sat in squeaked in...

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Free Falling at Frank’s

The grits were hot, and the butter began to melt immediately into golden pools on the uneven surface, collecting around the edges of the bowl. Lazy curls of steam from freshly brewed coffee rose upward, blending to form the comfortable aromas of breakfast. Mixed...

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Queen of Temptress Moon

Hank knew immediately she was pissed. "Once again, this is not right!" "Jesus," he thought and slumped back into his chair. He gripped the phone tighter, the color draining out of his knuckles as the pressure increased. He imagined Karen Miller's throat in his grasp...

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Love’s Moment

Entering you is like a dream. A dream that floats behind my eyes. Teasing. Nudging reality with temptation's delight. Seamless indulgence of silken bliss clings to me like a shadow, like ash turned to dust, like smoke mixing with the wind. Changed forever. Treat me to...

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Intimate Encounters

She sat back slowly in her desk chair, feet pulled up with heels hooked on the edge, second cup of coffee cradled in her hands. The smoky curls of steam floated lazily upward. Her thoughts wandered through a mindless jumble of nonsense, no real coherence, as she...

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