The Accidental Fetish

San Franciscians are serious about their coffee. Erica learned that her very first week at work when one of her new coworkers caught her making a mug of instant coffee in the office kitchen. He rolled his eyes and laughed, advising her that a cup from the local...

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The Winner

The Winnerby Corvidae"Harry! You crazy bastard, I hear you're a real fag now!" I bristled instinctively at the words until I registered the note of teasing amusement underneath them. I turned just in time to be tackled in a hug. "Good to see you too, Billy...." I...

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Campfiresby CorvidaeThe stars are the campfires of our ancestors. She wasn't sure where she had heard this; it was one of those ideas so common across cultural lines that she had unconsciously internalized and accepted it. Somehow, it was equally true as the stars...

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