Big Ed Magusson

The Fix

I usually start jonesing on Thursdays. This week, it starts Wednesday. Three long days before I can see her. As usual, once the adrenaline rush starts, work becomes a blur. My pulse throbs. My skin crackles. The testosterone soaks into my soul. I don't give a damn...

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Registered: An Addictive Desires story

"So, you're a registered sex offender." I freeze and stare at my date. The coffee cup trembles in my hand, but I keep it from sloshing as I lower it to the table. No one else in the cacophonous restaurant seems to have heard, as no one makes the slightest nod in our...

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Old Dogs

An Addictive Desires story in the Compassionate Courtesan Universe "Mike, this is Sherri." I took a long look at the lithe brunette standing in Rose's cluttered living room. She had old eyes, despite clearly being a third Rose's and my age. She smiled and offered her...

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Please note: "Methadone" pushes the limits of content restrictions for this site. It contains references to actual incest and pedophilia that occurred off-stage. So why are we featuring this story? Because it is a powerful tale of regret and shame, and a fine example...

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Like a Brother

When Kyle calls and says he wants me to meet a woman, my dick stiffens. I know I'm going to get laid, if I don't fuck it up. So I slick back my hair, slide my jacket on, and head out into the night. My imagination runs wild, which pumps me. My blood races with sensual...

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"Dude, you look like hell. What happened?" "You don't want to know, man. You don't want to know." "Seriously. What happened? Didja stay up all night fucking or something?" "Something like that. Julie wanted to sixty-nine, and, well, I agreed." "Yeah..." "So my...

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Future Plans

Tomorrow morning, I’m gonna take Betty to the diner and show her off. Betty’s gonna walk into that dive with the biggest shit-eating grin a girl has ever worn. She’s gonna glow and all the guys are gonna see she’s still wearing last night’s clothes. Then the guys are...

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Party Girl

Disclaimer #1: This is more of a mainstream story than an erotic story. Disclaimer #2: This is absolutely not based on real people. Nope, not at all. I completely deny that this little scene ever happened. I wasn't there, I didn't see anything, I know nothing. It's...

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It’s the first weekend of a new month, which means I can ask for sex again without her getting annoyed. Not that she’d say anything, of course. Not that she ever does. But after twenty years of marriage, I know her moods, I know her gestures, and the way her jaw...

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