Ashley Lister

Sonnet 18+

Sonnet 18+by Ashley ListerShall I compare thee to a porno star? Thou art more lovely and more sexy too: I've yearned to have you naked in my car, And I would really love to service you:Sometimes you let me glimpse your muffin tops, Your shorts reveal your sweet and...

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Kisses, Crops and Canes

Kisses, Crops and Canestritina by Ashley ListerFor years they met and shared their kisses Sating a passion for crops Exploring a passion for canes They learnt each other's favourite canes Then chased each stripe with tender kisses And chased each kiss with cruel crops...

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Kneel and Worship

Kneel and Worshiptritina by Ashley ListerWhen we meet you insist that I should kneel (before we undress, touch, or kiss) and you insist that at your feet I worship It helps that you're so worthy of worship and that I need to kneel at your feet and remain there paying...

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Poetry (Haikus)

Truly Horrible Erotikishka Pomes One of the writers at ERWA posted a technically perfect villanelle which hied us back to the artistic squabbles between Alexander Pope and Colley Cibber. It reminded us that poetry has been used for satire, burlesque and now we're...

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This is my first time With a foreigner, he says. But it isn't mine.... Donna George Storey — 2012 * * * * * warm as sun, your smile opens me like a flower in the morning light Olivia Summersweet © 2012 * * * * * Rode her like a pro: old woman, girly - rent paid Steve...

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