Arthur Chappell

The Too Beautiful Boy

You might not think so to look at me now but I was once fit, rather than fat. In those days I was sceptical of all things paranormal, but that was before my sexual energies were drained like a barrel of fine wine by the worshippers of Lilith. It was a time of lust and...

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Tedia — Goddess of Boredom

In an obscure Scottish valley, the train spotters were out in the pouring rain, waiting for a long delayed electric locomotive to pass by so they could jot down its number for their collections. One among their numbers, the eldest, was talking of the Golden Age Of...

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Naked Grief

The nudist funeral procession made its slow way through town, with most folk proceeding on foot. The leading sixty-three mourners, (six of them serving as pallbearers) and the deceased himself were all naked. A few mourners wore discreet transparent black veils. Some...

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