I often joke that considering my Google search history for writing research purposes, the FBI must have a massive file on me. I’m surprised I don’t get Pornhub spam in my email box. Here are some examples of my more amusing searches:

  1. What is the Altoids blow job myth?
  2. When is Steak and BJ day?
  3. Bigfoot erotica
  4. Cuckold fetish
  5. How to do pegging
  6. Lactation erotica

Research is an important part of a writer’s life. There are many ways to do research that will help you write a good book or short story. I read books on the subject matter I am studying. I also talk to people who are knowledgeable on a subject I am researching. For example, when I wanted to conduct an interview with Sexologist Dr. Petra Boynton to learn more about women’s sexuality, I contacted her directly. When I was writing an article about writers and jealousy, I posted on Facebook asking my friends for their own personal experiences with the green monster. I heard from plenty of people. Not only did I get good articles out of talking directly to people, I learned a few new things. It’s very beneficial to reach outside your own head and talk to others.

With Google at my fingertips, there is very little I cannot find online. Any time I have a question or concern about sex, erotic writing, and romance, I go to Google. It does take some doing to separate the wheat from the chaff, but I invariably find what I’m looking for. I used to write for Sexis Magazine and the U. K. publication nuts4chic. My articles ran the gamut of topics from men faking orgasms to hotel sex. I often relied on breaking and weird news stories to inspire my articles. The fallout from these searches has been both infuriating and humorous.

My privacy has been invaded on numerous occasions. I’m sure readers have experienced searching for something on Google – say, erotic shaving – and then find their Facebook feeds full of ads for razors. Social media spies on us. I find that to be a bit disconcerting but it’s a fact of life and I can’t avoid it. The purpose of social media is not to help connect us with friends and family but to send our information to advertisers who will spam our email boxes with junk. My Amazon, Google, and Facebook searches and commentary influence the kinds of ads Facebook tosses my way.

I’m sure writers reading this article have experienced Amazon recommending their own books for them to purchase. Same here. What you search for on Amazon influences what the behemoth store will recommend for you to buy. I’ve searched for big boob erotica for many of my stories and I’m inundated with bra ads. I figure if I’m going to be spammed I’d might as well make it worthwhile so I’ve searched for things like teabagging, cybersex, which states ban the sale of sex toys, hospital sex toy horror stories, and more. My inbox is… entertaining.

I’ll continue to conduct my writing research as I see fit. I just have to get used to my inbox being full of spam about bondage harnesses, the latest erotica awards, and singles groups for older people. I’ve added my email to the government’s no spam list but they somehow still find me. Despite the annoyance, I will find information I need on a wide variety of erotic topics that are necessary for my fiction writing. And I’ll have fun doing it.


Elizabeth Black writes in a wide variety of genres including erotica, erotic romance, horror, and dark fiction. She lives on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, and her three cats. Coming in September, 2019 – her story “The Beautiful Moves in Curves” will appear in “Dangerous Curves Ahead”, an anthology of sexy stories about plus-sized women. Look for it at Amazon.

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