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Controlling Jealousy

Jealousy is probably one of the largest concerns when a new couple starts swinging beyond the is my dick or tits big enough. Being the amateur psychologist that I am, I enjoy psychoanalyzing others at a party.

We were lucky in that our initial forays into wife swapping was with a great group of people and that my wife was understanding of my lack of impulse control. Like most guys, I let my little buddy make all my decisions for me.

For a guy, going to a swinger’s party is like being locked in a Krispy Kreme with an empty stomach and a Keurig on automatic.

When a new couple shows up, it’s like throwing raw meat to the lions as everyone wants a taste. For a guy, it’s that moment when you realize that not only are you going to get laid, but your significant other is also a prime target.

The first few times at a House Party can be stressful as you may not know many people, and how you’re going to perform under pressure is a polite way of describing the situation. As a guy, performance anxiety is a common thing that rears its ugly head, unlike what you really want to raise. After all, she only has to lay there. 😊

Like most things, practice makes perfect, and you’ll quickly recover the woody when you discover that everyone is about the same as you. Swingers are like everyone else, just with fewer morals.

My recommendation is to try, and both of you get lucky at the same time. It’s hard to be jealous when you’re getting your ashes hauled at the same time as your wife is screaming out someone else’s name. This is why I recommend that you start with house parties and not couple-on-couple.

It would seem that two on two would be better for newbie couples, but I don’t think that’s the case. From personal experience, I’ve found that when you get together with another couple, the chances that everybody will hit it off are rare. You don’t want to start out getting your lights drilled out while your other half is staring at someone he/she has no interest in.

If you go to a party with, say, ten or fifteen other couples, the chances both of you score is much better. Plus, you don’t have to do what we call a “charity fuck.” As much as I hate to admit it, there is one woman in our circle that I use every excuse I can find not to get together with her.

She’s really nice, and Wifey enjoys the company of her husband, but she just doesn’t ring my bell. She gets mad at me for ducking her and gripes to my wife that I won’t fuck her. I realize that the worst I ever had was wonderful, and I can go to Hell for culling, but I’d actually rather do without.

New couples almost always makeup rules to corral the other half but in actuality, that rarely works out. If you tell your wife, “I don’t want to see you on your knees with a waiting line,” good luck with that.

If your spouse breaks a rule, take a breath, and don’t explode. They can get caught up in the heat of the moment and do something against the rules. In most cases, what you’ll figure out is that the rules slowly fade away as you become more comfortable in the Lifestyle.

Don’t argue in front of others. Wait until you’re alone to air your grievances. Most of the time, these little things will work themselves out. I’m sure you’d rather have her head banged against the headboard at a party rather than at a long lunch with a co-worker?

Seriously, the first few times are the toughest, and you have to realize that consensual sex with others is not love but lust. If you are a committed couple and in a stable relationship, the Lifestyle can be entertaining and a lot of fun. Swinging will not help a bad marriage but will only hasten its demise.

We were talking the other day about how much fun we’ve had since we started swinging. With COVID-19, there is little we can do beyond talking about it. A fair percentage of the women in the Lifestyle are exhibitionists, and the show at a party is worth the price of admission. It’s kind of like watching People of Walmart without having to click the Next button and dodge the ads.

It’s also interesting that bi-sexuality is common among women but rare with men, at least in our group. My wife plays for both teams and is bad about taking my current prospect off my hands, but at least I get to watch and have sloppy seconds.

We’ve talked a lot lately about cuckold husbands with their Hotwives at ERWA, and several of our friends are into that kink. In general, Lifestyle couples accept pretty much any form of aberrant behavior as long as it doesn’t stain your new shoes.

We have an us against them attitude with the normal people or “straights” as we call them. Straights wander around with their head in the clouds, completely oblivious to what’s going on around them. Occasionally, at 3 A.M., a group of us will run into a group of straights at Denny’s or IHOP, which usually results in the straights leaving in disgust at our behavior. There is nothing worse than telling a group of swingers that you find their attitude or dress code offensive. I’m sorry that my wife’s short skirt and open blouse offends you. Not!

It’s not as bad in Las Vegas as it was in the Midwest. People here usually just roll their eyes and return to reading the National Enquirer about aliens at Area 51. Once you get away from the Strip, it’s amazing how conservative the rank and file are, but they tend just to ignore us.

I’m Larry Archer, a smut writer, and this is my time of the month to spout off about completely useless topics of little relevance. If you are looking to entertain yourself with some hot stroke erotica with a humorous bent, check me out at I’m also on MeWe, the uncensored FaceBook like site at

Women as the Sexual Aggressor

Spit or Swallow?

Generally speaking, males are raised with the belief that you should spread your seed far and wide. Women, on the other hand, are taught to keep their knees together and avoid being thought a slut.

The United States was initially founded in part by the desire for religious freedom, but we could not escape the effects of morality imposed upon us by the church. As a fallen Episcopalian and one-time altar boy, I’ve certainly been guilty of that.

In high school, the preacher’s daughter was typically the wildest girl in school. Proving the point that repression breeds a backlash in the opposite direction. You only have to look at prohibition, which resulted in organized crime.

As a typical horny youth, I was always trying to get “it,” but the girls were determined to keep me at arm’s length. As such, I considered myself as the aggressor in the never-ending battle to propagate the world.

When we got into the Lifestyle (a.k.a. Swinging), our initial encounters were with small groups, and then we joined a large association of like-minded individuals. I think we’d been partying for about three months before we went to our first social.

The social, held at a hotel, was attended by two or three hundred couples. There would be so many people that they could reserve entire floors or, in some cases, the whole hotel. When we had the hotel to ourselves, it was easier to avoid interactions with straights. “Straights” are those who have no idea what is going on around them.

Foxy and I are seated at this 8-top table for supper. Everyone was well dressed, most of the men were in suits, and the wives vied for the one who could show the most skin while spending the most for their outfits.

I have to admit that I was somewhat nervous as I knew no one we were sitting with. My wife, who has never met a stranger, and has no such problem. As my mother always says, “She’d talk to a fence post.”

Directly across from me was an Italian woman, mid to late thirties, beautiful with dark hair and olive complexion. We’d said nothing beyond introductions. At the end of dinner, everyone was having a drink and casual conversation, when the woman looked at me and said, “I’m going to crawl under the table and suck your cock!”

That sentence was the longest string of words she’d ever said to me and was like an ice pick to my brain. I was dumbfounded and had no idea what to do except listen to everyone laugh. She folded her napkin and laid it on the table, then proceeded to drop down and give me one of the best blowjobs of my life!

I can’t speak for others, but performing in a crowd seems to befall all of us males. Getting head while you’re sitting at a table with others talking around you was bizarre beyond belief. My Italian princess took care of business and didn’t get anything on my pants. The first time people watched me get sucked off at the dinner table was a memory I’ll never forget.

Afterward, she crawled out from under the table and dabbed at the corners of her mouth with a napkin. She winked at me and then kissed the woman sitting next to her. When she resumed conversation with everyone was another forever moment.

That was my initiation into the fact that women swingers are different from normal people. At a straight party, the guys hit on the girls, but at a swing function, they are free to hit on us in return. For a guy, it was an adjustment for women to be the aggressor.

This taught me to appreciate what women go through when they are frequently being hit on and having to fight us horn dog men off.

I’m Larry Archer, and I write smut stories for the huddled masses. I don’t write erotic romance, just explicit tales of people getting laid but with a plot. Well, somewhat of a plot! If you’re interested, follow my blog at or to look at my catalog of stories, click this link. You’ll find me on Amazon, SmashWords, Apple iBooks, B&N, and under the counter of your local 7-11.

See you next month, stay safe!

Hotwives and cuckolds

By Larry Archer

Living on the edges of “normality” gives Foxy and me a sometimes different view of the world than a lot of people. There are a lot of unusual kinks we’ve seen, and one of the more common is the cuckold and Hotwife relationship.

ERWA writers have posted several stories about Hotwives lately, and I thought it would be appropriate to throw my 2 cents in the bucket.

The definition of a Hotwife has changed a lot from years ago and, at least from our perspective, is not the poor husband forced to watch in horror as his wife entertains her Bulls. Today it’s more of a spectator sport as the husband watches and jerks off or takes movies of his wife in action.

The wife’s lovers or Bulls as they are called, are typically better endowed and able to satisfy her in ways that her husband cannot do. For a lot of guys, it’s highly erotic to watch your wife in the arms of another man or to have her come home and tell you all about her activities.

Hotwifing often starts with a man enjoying showing off his wife and encouraging her to wear sexy revealing outfits. Then the next step is going to a bar and have his wife sit at the bar, while he sits across the room so he can watch her as guys hit on her. Then maybe they’ll end up in a booth playing grab-ass. From there it’s an easy jump to advancing to the backseat of a car or motel room, where she’ll give out blowjobs or sex.

Afterward, she’ll tell him all about it while he’s getting sloppy seconds or thirds. He’ll enjoy hearing about what his wife has done as he waited in the car for her. The Hotwife is somewhat like an open relationship except the husband is a part of his wife’s cheating activities.

Often the man does not seek out sex with other women but enjoys listening to the stories his wife tells of her escapades with other men and gets his satisfaction from voyeuristic fantasies.

Our best friends are a cuckold – Hotwife couple and she spends a lot of time in bed with us while her husband likes to hide in the closet and watch. For him, spying on his wife and her Bull is a big turn-on even though everyone knows where he’s at. They make no bones about what they enjoy and everyone assumes her husband is in a closet somewhere or peeking in the bedroom window.

He enjoys taking movies of her in action so he can wank off anytime he wants while watching her on his phone. The only problem is he tends to shake the camera as he jerks off with one hand while filming with the other.

His wife is a beautiful blonde with shoulder-length hair, nice boobs, and a slightly voluptuous figure. For a woman in her forties, she’s a knockout and always a hit at a house party.

While swingers don’t generally date or go out without their spouse, it’s a lot more common for Hotwives to do that. They will often meet up at a hotel for a quickie with one or more Bulls and then go home to hubby for a final romp in the hay.

The cuckold will usually have to clean his wife up, and he enjoys the taste of her well-used holes. I think this is a holdover from the early days as the humiliated husband is forced to clean the wife up and accept the fact she’s let her Bulls have her.

Swingers are generally very tolerant of most kinks even if they don’t personally engage in the activity. In general, we are relatively “normal” as an overall group with sub-groups that may focus on specific topics such as BDSM.

Our parties tend to be the same. A typical house party looks like any other party with the exception that people will disappear for periods and you are often not with your spouse but just check-in occasionally. Some couples we know, throw parties where you’re basically expected to shed your clothes at the front door, and you end up in a pile somewhere. We seldom go to these “orgy” parties as it’s not really our scene and my wife is not big on group activities.

Our New Year’s Eve Pajama parties would technically fall under the “orgy” classification except everyone knows that you don’t have to go in the orgy rooms and no one is expected to have to party with others. Even after midnight, when most people are naked or close to it, there is no unwanted grabbing or other inappropriate behavior except between consenting adults.

Certainly, we don’t have an objection to orgies as they are often a lot of fun, but we tend to be more selective about our partners. We’ve introduced a number of couples into the Lifestyle, and they rapidly gravitate to the group that most caters to their needs and desires.

For those who are interested in expanding your horizons, check out my blog at for more info in sharing your wife or hopefully Hotwife. Until this time next month when it’s my day in the barrel once again, have fun and be good (I know those two things are typically exclusive).

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