Sam Thorne

Sam Thorne is an editor, ghost-writer and semi-successful feller of trees from West Sussex, England. After years of enjoying everyone else's steamy stories, albeit with red pen in hand, Sam was finally bullied into overcoming writer's stage fright by a bossy friend, releasing Single-Syllable Steve in May 2015. Sam also has stories in the anthologies Mad about the Boys (House of Erotica) and His Seed (Lethe press) pending release later this year. Sam has a soft spot for historical fiction, everything ever written by Bill Bryson, and the intricate first-world farces of PG Wodehouse. Favourite hobbies other than writing include cooking and unfair-rules football.

Do I have to PAY people to read this??

When you’re a writer looking for an editor, and you really don’t have much cash to throw around, it can be hard to know where to invest your money. As vital as editing is to the publication process, it is a big outlay for authors, whether they’re self-publishing or... read more

Setting, environment, topography… and other slippery customers

First paragraphs demand a lot. Personality and clear perspective management. Unique visuals. A sense of setting and mood. A strong hook. Little wonder so many people either: Base their entire novel off a golden first paragraph that popped into their heads at 02:03am... read more

Hmm… I think I’ve seen this somewhere before…

One of the indoor activities I do with my son is to print off the ‘disaster movie bingo’ card I have on my hard drive, and then watch one of the many daft movies floating around on Amazon or Netflix. Widely-ignored scientist? Check! Scientist separated from wife?... read more

Twelve Days… an epistolary epic for modern times

I think I was about six when I first learnt the whole ‘twelve days of Christmas’ song. Even at that age, the gifts on offer struck me as rather unmanageable in terms of frequency, quantity and accommodation. What sort of man, after all, sends their partner ten leaping... read more

Slipping in the humour…

By Sam Thorne, ERWA Editor As an editor, the strangest request I’ve ever had from a prospective author was ‘can you make this funny, please?’ That’s all they wanted (other than a proof of the existing story). This chap had sent his 85k words of beautifully-composed... read more

ERWA Editing Corner

In praise of reading out loud By Sam Kruit (ERWA Editor in Chief) It’s the end of the year, so I’m going to keep this short and light and highlight just some of the issues that programmed spell and grammar checks can never save you from. If editors aren’t in your... read more

Oh my Word!

By Sam Kruit (ERWA Editor) The deed is done, the manuscript (MS) complete. But in the course of submitting or getting feedback, it’s likely it’ll have to go through the formatting wrangler a few times before it’s ready to post in Storytime, or fit to be submitted to... read more

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