Robert Buckley

Bob’s stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including multiple editions of Maxim Jakubowski’s Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica.

The dissolute life that could have been …

Reggie Jackson was asked by a reporter of my acquaintance what would have happened if a particular game-winning hit had not gone his way. It was a stupid question, asked by someone who, while he was a very decent human being, just wasn’t too bright.... read more

Place and Time

As are most people in North America, I am anticipating a partial solar eclipse next week. Not eagerly anticipating, however. I’ve experienced a couple of partial solar eclipses in my life already. They are about as exciting as a cloud passing in front of the... read more

The Ugliest Word

The dust has pretty much settled since comedian Bill Maher’s flippant use of the mother of all racial slurs and his pro forma celebrity apology that followed. I’m not a fan of Maher; his smug, smarmy style brings to mind that of an obnoxious hipster... read more

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Social media … Sometimes I wish social media had a face so I could slap the crap out of it. I think 99.9 percent of what gets transmitted through social media could be filed under the category of Who gives a ____? Even the Twit-in-Chief has taken second place to... read more

Past imperfect

My kids weren’t the type to act out, as they say today, at school. For the most part my two girls got glowing reviews from their teachers, but then the apples don’t fall far from the tree, and I had my share of being called to school to discuss something... read more

How much of the extraordinary do you require?

So how much do you need to be drawn out of your world to enjoy a book? Any book, any story? We all read popular fiction to escape the mundane cares and routines of life. But how much of a leap are you looking to take? Folks who like police procedurals I think require... read more

I have a Crow to Pluck

I have a crow to pluck (bone to pick) with James Joyce. Joyce has been credited with writing the greatest short story of the Twentieth Century, “The Dead,” one of a collection of tales he compiled under the title, “The Dubliners.” “The... read more

The Gaudier the Patter

I am a child of the cinema. I think that can be said for most of us baby boomers. And, although television was a big part of our upbringing, the art form that most influenced us was the movies. It was an overlapping of a preference shared by the previous generation,... read more

Starved for Conversation

Cheers was the place where everyone knew your name, a home away from home, where you could commiserate with friends who shared a drink and a little time away from life’s cares. Utterly unrealistic. Cheers, after all, was a sports bar. Sports bars are loud,... read more

Mystery and Magic

One of the signs that you’ve gotten old, besides the guy behind you beeping his horn and yelling, “Get outta the way, ya old bastard!” is finding yourself taking inventory of your life and experiences, weighing good memories vs. regrets and thinking... read more
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