Luna Orignaux

Luna Orignaux has been writing fiction since age 11. OK, writing it down since age 11, and writing it in her head since long before that, but her hand couldn't keep up. She started writing poetry when she was 14 years old. While her first love is the story, she is often inclined to dip into the non-fiction realm to discuss current affairs, legal issues, personal insight, and sometimes an outright rant. Luna O. believes that indulging in the momentary pleasures (as often as possible) is the key to building a life of joy and that living a life of joy must be cultivated before it is possible to make a meaningful contribution to anyone or anything else in this world. Having an anaphylactic reaction to structure, she has managed to carve out a living as a full-time writer, albeit under many guises. While it doesn't actually give her enough time, it does give her control over the when and where of it. And, it means that work never has to take her away from the critters or eating.

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