Lucy Felthouse

Attack of the Deadlines…

by Lucy Felthouse I’m afraid that I have been defeated by deadlines, and therefore ran out of time to compile a post this month. However, I did come up with a good alternative. I’d like, instead, to use this as a discussion post. Do you have any questions... read more

Don't Forget the Love…

by Lucy Felthouse There’s been a lot of negativity in the erotica/erotic romance writing world just lately. What with discussions on how “that book” has affected the industry and the market, publishers going under, sales dropping, the affect of... read more

Real Life Events

by Lucy Felthouse As this post goes live, I’m at Sexhibition in Manchester, England – also known as “the erotic event of the year.” Myself, my other half, and Victoria and Kev Blisse are running the Smut UK stand, selling erotic books and... read more

Exercise: Thinking Outside of the Box

by Lucy Felthouse I don’t really post exercises here, but I used this recently at a talk I did at the Romantic Novelists’ Association conference in London, and it seemed to go down really well with attendees. So here goes… I hope you’re... read more

Do You Stick With Authors, or Genres? by Lucy Felthouse

By Lucy Felthouse This post was originally on the Dirty Birdies blog. I have a question: what are your thoughts on authors that write in multiple genres and pairings under the same pen name? Does it bother you? Will you still read that author? Will you just pick and... read more

Does a Print Option Lend Credence?

by Lucy Felthouse A while back, I posed the question on my Facebook page about whether, if I put one of my self-published titles into print via Createspace, people would want to buy it. I got various responses, most of which were favourable, so I did indeed go through... read more

Valuing Our Work

by Lucy Felthouse I had a conversation with someone recently that went something like this: Woman: Oh, you’ll have to lend me one of your books to read. Me: I thought you were buying one? (I’d previously given her a business card with a link to my website,... read more


By Lucy Felthouse Following on from my little rant last month about the dreaded sucknopsis, I thought I’d better do something more useful this time. And since, as you probably gathered if you read the previous post, synopses (??) are not my strong point, my... read more

The Dreaded Sucknopsis

by Lucy Felthouse Ahh… the dreaded sucknopsis. Otherwise known as the synopsis. I’m sure many of the writers reading this post are already groaning or resembling the man in the photo at the mere mention of the word,... read more

Keep on Keeping On!

by Lucy Felthouse I don’t talk about personal stuff online, really, so I’m sorry for being vague when I say the second half of 2014 was really tough for me. On a positive note, I got through it and came out the other side, and now, the only way is up. But,... read more

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