Lisette Ashton

I have always loved short stories: especially short erotic stories. There is something specifically exciting about meeting new characters, enjoying an intimate thrill with them, and experiencing the whole adventure in an intense episode that lasts less than an afternoon. My first venture into erotic writing came through writing a short erotic story. Since then I've written two dozen full length erotic fiction titles and my short stories have been published in lots and lots of anthologies. I've also published a collection of short stories, Twisted, with the award winning publisher Xcite Books. And, again and again, I find myself coming back to the theme of horror within my fiction. My most recent novel was a vampire story called Once Bitten. People joke and ask if I write about horror and sex because I have a horrific sex life. But it's never really been about the horror. It's more about the extended fantasy. No one really finds it attractive that vampires exsanguinate their victims and leave a trail of corpses in their wake. Most of us find vampires attractive because they're the original bad boys/girls who break all the rules. They stay up through the night. They place their lips on the erogenous zones of their submissive partners. And they live forever without repercussions. Who, in all honesty, doesn't find that attractive? Aside from writing about vampires I've also included a short story here, 'A Stout Length of Birch,' published in the UK magazine Hot Spot. This is a short which combines spanking and ghost stories, both of which are subjects that are supposed to make the reader's spine tingle. I've been lucky in that many of my short stories have been well-received. 'Victoria's Hand,' published in She's on Top and Mammoth Best New Erotica 8, received some glowing praise in the book's reviews. The same goes for 'That Monday Morning Feeling' published in I is for Indecent and Open for Business. And that's all I think I should say about myself for the moment. I've got a trilogy of vampire stories out there called the BloodLust Chronicles. And I've got a collection of lengthy short stories with a supernatural twist called Original Sins. There are also other books with a more contemporary, less fantastical approach to erotica such as Neighbourhood Watch and Forbidden Reading. But I think it's true to say that the writer is usually the least interesting part of the story. I hope you enjoy the stories I've posted here this month and, if they worked for you, I hope you'll look out for more of my work in the future.

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