Donna George Storey

I want to change the world one dirty story at a time.

When I posted this mission statement on my website, I hoped my cheeky ambition would make my readers smile. I smile every time I read it myself. And yet I’m totally serious. I truly believe that writers who are brave enough to speak their truth about the erotic experience in all its complexity—the yearning, the pleasure, the conflicts, and the sweet satisfaction—do change the world for the better.

So if you’re here at ERWA because you’re already writing erotica, a big thank you and keep on doing what you’re doing. If you’re more a reader than a writer, I encourage you to start dreaming and writing and expressing the truth and magic of this fundamental part of the human experience in your own unique voice. Can there be a more pleasurable way to change the world?

I'm the author of Amorous Woman, a semi-autobiographical erotic novel set in Japan, The Mammoth Book of Erotica Presents the Best of Donna George Storey  and nearly 200 short stories and essays in journals and anthologies. Check out my Facebook author page at:


It’s Called Sexual Assault: A Personal Story

By Donna George Storey Sexual assault has been a topic of much discussion these last months. I’ve already written about how rape was dealt with in what I now consider “my” time period, the 1910s (quick answer, not all that differently from the way we do today and, um,... read more

My Fiction Detox Diet: Or Where to Find the Real Meat in Writing

by Donna George Storey This month’s column was inspired by another author interview I read thanks to the recommendation of Erotica for the Big Brain’s Terrance Aldon Shaw. TAS pointed me to “Back to School? How to get your novel published,” an interview with Jonathan... read more

Who Writes Excellent Sex Scenes (and Who Gets to Decide)?

The question of excellent sex scenes came to mind when a friend forwarded an interview with writer Lidia Yuknavitch from the Lenny Letter’s August 12 issue. Yuknavitch has been lauded as one of the few authors today who writes about sex “well.” I’d read Yuknavitch’s... read more

Sodom-by-the-Sea: Sensation and Sex at Good Old Coney Island

As I’ve written here before, it seems that every generation believes it invented sex. Given the long history of the human race, this idea is physically impossible, of course, but it is not wrong in spirit. Each individual does indeed “invent” sexual experience for... read more

Sex Ed on the NYC Subway: VD in Trench Coats and Other Lessons of History

 This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. For a historical novelist, the museum’s collection of vintage subway cars housed in a retired subway station is a true treat. Basically subway cars did not change all that... read more

The Long History Behind The Stanford Rape Case: Why Society Still Says Women Who’ve Been Raped Deserve It

By Donna George Storey Stories make us writers. And within our stories, we know that each of our characters has her or his own story to tell. I’ve always had a particular fascination with “he said, she said” stories, perhaps because of the delightfully humorous... read more

Peeping at Women in Their Underwear: John Sloan’s Windows into the Erotic Spirit of the Past

by Donna George Storey The goal of the writer of historical fiction is to bring the past vividly to life with as much authenticity as possible. The materials we can draw from are varied: diaries, novels, oral histories, contemporary articles and advertisements,... read more

Oral Sex in the 1920s? Tijuana Bibles and the Timeless Erotic Imagination

by Donna George Storey My research for my historical novel continues and, to my delight, so do the discoveries of past erotic treasures. This month, I want to pay tribute to “eight-pagers,” pornographic comics that were small and thin enough to tuck in a... read more

Once A Slut Always A Slut?: Why Fallen Women Can’t Get Up

When I first began the research for my novel set in the 1910s, I expected to learn about the past—ideals and attitudes and fears about sexuality a hundred years ago. Since then—it’s been almost a year now since I started this project–I have learned a lot about... read more

The Value of Voyeurism: Perusing Erotic Letters from the Past

By Donna George Storey It’s a deliciously “dirty” job, but a writer of historical erotic fiction has to do it. As part of my ongoing research for my novel, I’ve been reading the romantic and erotic correspondence of couples whose private letters have been published... read more

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