Donna George Storey

I want to change the world one dirty story at a time.

When I posted this mission statement on my website, I hoped my cheeky ambition would make my readers smile. I smile every time I read it myself. And yet I’m totally serious. I truly believe that writers who are brave enough to speak their truth about the erotic experience in all its complexity—the yearning, the pleasure, the conflicts, and the sweet satisfaction—do change the world for the better.

So if you’re here at ERWA because you’re already writing erotica, a big thank you and keep on doing what you’re doing. If you’re more a reader than a writer, I encourage you to start dreaming and writing and expressing the truth and magic of this fundamental part of the human experience in your own unique voice. Can there be a more pleasurable way to change the world?

I'm the author of Amorous Woman, a semi-autobiographical erotic novel set in Japan, The Mammoth Book of Erotica Presents the Best of Donna George Storey  and nearly 200 short stories and essays in journals and anthologies. Check out my Facebook author page at:


Mutual Orgasms in 1880: “The Back Room at the Saloon”

A good sexy story offers us a glimpse into the secret lives of strangers. Through her sensibility and skill, an erotica writer enables us to expand our own sensual experience through the bodies and minds of her characters. That, for me, is the eternal allure of a... read more

No Man Can Resist a Sixteen-Year-Old Temptress: A History of Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

Why didn’t she come forward with these allegations when they happened? This is a common counter-accusation to women who speak out about long-ago sexual assault. The question implies that the victim is lying and presumes a justice system or human resources department... read more

When Sexual Fantasy Meets the Law: How a Lurid Lady Novelist Changed Sex in America (But Not Quite in the Way She Hoped)

Did you know that in 1885, the age of consent in the majority of the United States was 10 years old? This was news to me. Mind you, nine states–Arkansas, the District of Columbia (I’m from the D.C. area, and it’s a state, okay?), Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri,... read more

When Ladies Wore Open-Crotch Drawers: Sexy Surprises from Grandmother’s Lingerie Drawer

One of the chief pleasures of writing a historical novel is discovering the details of daily life in the past so we can recreate the texture and flavor of the time. The clothing of the period is, of course, an essential focus of research to put our characters in... read more

Passion from the Past: When The Stakes Are Highest

What is the difference between erotica and porn? The classic reply is “erotica is what I like and porn is what you like,” which underscores the inherently arbitrary nature of any judgment. Some might challenge the need for this question at all, and I understand the... read more

A Century of Sexy Secret Rendezvous: From “Bird and Bottle Suppers” to the Liberty Inn

An erotic story–indeed any story–is liveliest when spiced with plenty of conflict, mystery and the subversion of everyday expectations. While I’ve made it a special project to portray hot sex between longtime lovers, I have to admit that an illicit affair... read more

The Hidden Political Power of Erotica: A Reader’s and Writer’s Journey

“When you write, you illuminate what’s hidden, and that’s a political act.” So said Grace Paley in a 1985 “Fresh Air” interview. I came across her quote in a New Yorker review of the new collection of her work: A Grace Paley Reader. It’s hard to get more hardcore... read more

Art or Porno?: Getting Naked for the Sake of National Lampoon

Last month, I talked about the forgotten story of Audrey Munson, the supermodel of the 1910s, whose form inspired many of the famous statues that still grace New York City today. Audrey was unusual in her comfort posing in “the altogether” as it was called in those... read more

Naked for the Sake of Art: Audrey Munson, The Supermodel of 1915

I admit it. I made a terrible mistake putting “Republican” in the title of my column last month. Could you choose any better word to dash cold water on a reader’s libido even if it was paired with the magically profitable and compelling duo of “Fifty Shades”? I hope,... read more

Fifty Shades of Republican

By Donna George Storey The movie Fifty Shades Darker was released just before Valentine’s Day. No one cares. The box office on opening weekend was slightly more than half of Fifty Shades of Grey. The quality of the second movie may be a factor. Director Sam... read more

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