Donna George Storey

I want to change the world one dirty story at a time.

When I posted this mission statement on my website, I hoped my cheeky ambition would make my readers smile. I smile every time I read it myself. And yet I’m totally serious. I truly believe that writers who are brave enough to speak their truth about the erotic experience in all its complexity—the yearning, the pleasure, the conflicts, and the sweet satisfaction—do change the world for the better.

So if you’re here at ERWA because you’re already writing erotica, a big thank you and keep on doing what you’re doing. If you’re more a reader than a writer, I encourage you to start dreaming and writing and expressing the truth and magic of this fundamental part of the human experience in your own unique voice. Can there be a more pleasurable way to change the world?

I'm the author of Amorous Woman, a semi-autobiographical erotic novel set in Japan, The Mammoth Book of Erotica Presents the Best of Donna George Storey  and nearly 200 short stories and essays in journals and anthologies. Check out my Facebook author page at:


Prompts to Spark a Story: Scent of an Angel

As part of my home organization project, I’ve been going through my heavily laden bookshelves. I’m donating books that don’t really fit my life right now. However, I’m also rediscovering some that definitely spark joy. Of course, I am keeping all the books in which my... read more

The Unexpected Erotic Discoveries of Tidying Up

We’ve lived in our house for 28 years, and with both kids in college, we decided to give the entire inside of the house a much-need fresh coat of paint. Our project has also given us the opportunity to take stock of our belongings and clear out things that are moldy... read more

Awesome ERWA and the Power of POV

The New Year is starting off right for me with two appearances at ERWA. In addition to this column, I have the honor of being this month’s ERWA Awesome Author. Choosing a story and writing an updated bio got me thinking about why I love erotica writing and ERWA, which... read more

The World for a Dollar: Assembly Line Sex for the Working Man, 1912

“You’ve got the world to discover here in San Francisco, boys, every size, shape and color of woman you can imagine.” Joe’s uncle asked the old bartender to tell you and Joe a thing or two about having a good time on the Barbary Coast, and this fellow sure has plenty... read more

Squeezing the Middle Class 1910: A Night of Delight in a Two-Dollar Brothel

It’s been a while since you treated yourself to a night in the district. Work’s been busy and you’ve been watching your pennies. You know enough to go equipped with the proper change: a dollar to treat the girls in the parlor with wine, four quarters for the... read more

A Rich Man’s Paradise 1910: A Trip to the Finest Parlor House in Town

Night has fallen, the gaslights are blazing, and pleasure inevitably calls a gentleman of carnal inclinations such as yourself to the part of town not spoken of in polite company. Shoulder your way through the drunken hoi polloi and step into the spacious receiving... read more

Double Obscenities 1910: America’s Dirtiest Secrets Revealed

There are two main flavors of historical fiction writer: those who are thrilled to research every last detail of life in the past and those who are more easy-going and romantic about evoking the spirit of the time. I tend more toward the former, but when writing about... read more

The Power of Sexual Dreams: Night

Last month, I talked about my dreams by day. Even before I honed my skills as an erotica writer, my waking reveries were vivid and explicit. Yet I can’t recall a single explicit sleeping dream. At best there’s been a kiss and an embrace. No one has ever taken off any... read more

The Power of Sexual Dreams: Day

A friend recently told me about her experiences at a workshop where the participants were encouraged to discuss a sexual fantasy that felt important to them, something along the lines of what Jack Morin called a “Core Erotic Theme” in his fascinating book, The Erotic... read more

Fifty Shades of Erotica: Five Years After

Recently I got an email informing me that there was a new comment on my article entitled “Six Secrets to Writing Your Own Over-50 Shades of Erotica” which appeared on a website for women over 50 called Zest Now. “Thanks, interesting thoughts!” wrote the gentleman.... read more

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