Christopher Pierce

I was lucky enough to have my first story, “Headlights,” published in the groundbreaking and fondly-remembered magazine CUIR back in 1993. Since then I have written many more stories that have been published on-line, in magazines and in anthologies. I have written two novels, Rogue: Slave and Rogue: Hunted published by STARbooks Press and have edited seven anthologies myself, including Biker Boys: Gay Erotic Stories and I Like To Watch: Gay Erotic Stories both for Cleis Press. My short fiction has been collected in the book Kidnapped by a Sex Maniac: The Erotic Fiction of Christopher Pierce (STARbooks Press) My latest book is Winner Takes All and more hot Master/slave fantasies by Christopher Pierce published by Perfectbound Press. All of my fiction is about the exchange of power between men, whether it be freely given or forcibly taken. I have always been erotically fascinated by bondage, domination and submission, and Masters and slaves from the point-of-view of the Top and/or the Bottom. I invite you to explore and enjoy my work and visit my website Thank you for reading this, and thank you to everyone at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association for inviting me to be a Guest Author.

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