Belinda LaPage

Belinda LaPage lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Writing is a labour of love for her, but the life of a tortured artist is not, so for now it is simply a part time affair, and a pathway to affording more of the wrong shoes. She enjoys the Sydney beaches, time with friends, and spending lunch time in a café sneakily writing erotica in the midst of strangers.

Raising the Dead: Your Story Doesn’t Suck… Necessarily

So, you self-published a sex story. Wrote it yourself, edited it, slapped on a cover and uploaded it to the mighty Zon (that’s what those in the know call the big-boy of ebook publishing; get with the program, ‘kay?). Congratulations! And I mean that. It’s an... read more

I’ve got one hand in my pocket…

…and the other one is playing a piano. Alanis Morissette gets beaten up a lot over her 1995 hit, Ironic, which lists several ironic things (like a black fly in your Chardonnay, or the good advice that you just didn’t take) which just… well, aren’t. Ironic, that is.... read more

Stop SHOUTING with Style

The problem for an editor is pretty clear: we are editing a manuscript that over-uses CAPS for exclamations, which is poor form, and seek to re-cast the emphasis with … well, emphasis. Specifically, lower-case italics. How hard could it be, right? read more

Editing Corner: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get a new Point of View You are in a dungeon. You look around. You see implements of torture on the walls, floggers, thumbscrews, other stuff you don’t even recognise. Except the stains; you have a good idea what those stains might me. You hear a noise behind... read more

Editing Corner: That’s not a Romance

In my last blog, I talked (okay, blogged) about the difference between a scene and a story—a critical difference if we seek to elevate our erotica above the merely erotic, to make it both satisfying and memorable. It talked about all the ingredients I collect for a... read more

That’s not a Story…

(…That’s a Story)   By Belinda LaPage (ERWA Gallery co-editor) Yes, I paraphrased Crocodile Dundee. I’m Australian. What did you expect? Move along. Scene vs. Story Erotica writers, have you ever written a hot little scorcher only to be told by some... read more

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