Wives who are Hot – and their Husbands

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The subject of this blog post was suggested because my turn to contribute to Editing Corner came just after I’d finished writing a story about a couple who invite other men into their home. Or, to be more accurate, who invite other men into their home to have sex with the wife while the husband watches.

It’s certainly not a new theme for stories, and psychologists can explain for hours how this is something that goes all the way back to our primitive ancestors. They’ll quote theories about ‘sperm competition’ and sex-mad bonobos, and tell us it’s all perfectly understandable behaviour.


The aforementioned story involves a fictitious couple called Harry and Michelle.

In the prequel, Michelle discovered that she enjoyed casual sex with other men, and her husband Harry discovered (much to his surprise) that he actually enjoyed watching it happen. There’s nothing new in that plot-line, and it’s been a well-used template in works of erotica for many years.

So, the scenario we’re talking about is a couple inviting another man to have sex with the wife. But, who should she choose…?

If Michelle had driven a Fiat Punto for ten years and was offered the chance to take something else for a test-drive, she’d want to upgrade. Something a bit flashy, with more power. Something bigger.

So, Michelle found herself a man with more to offer.



Michelle had become a hotwife.

Hotwife – Definition: a married woman who has sexual relationships with other men, typically with the consent of her husband.

Another term often attributed to ladies like Michelle is a slut-wife.

Although the word ‘slut’ is a vulgar term used to describe a woman considered by others to have loose sexual morals, it has a less offensive meaning within the hotwife alternative marriage community, referring to women who have chosen a non-monogamous lifestyle. Slut-wives can openly take on multiple partners and are not shamed for this choice, and their husbands approve of their promiscuity. So Michelle is also a slut-wife.


Harry likes to watch, so he’s a voyeur, right?

Voyeur – Definition: a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

But Harry is more precise than any normal Peeping Tom (there’s a joke about Tom, Dick and Harry crying out to be told here…)

Harry doesn’t get off on watching just anybody have sex: he gets off on watching his wife have sex, which makes him a wife-watcher.

Wife-watcher – Definition: A man who gains sexual pleasure from watching his wife have sex with another partner.

The term that’s most synonymous with this behaviour in erotica is cuckold.

It’s an old word, and this is what is says in the Oxford Reference:

Cuckold – Definition: The husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision, ultimately derived from Old French cucu ‘cuckoo’, from the cuckoo’s habit of laying its egg in another bird’s nest.

In fetish usage, a cuckold is complicit with the partner’s ‘infidelity’. But there’s more to it than that. As far as cuckoldry goes, the primary urge for the cuckold is to be humiliated. Psychology regards the cuckold fetish as a variant of sadomasochism. Freudian analysis sees it as eroticisation of the fears of infidelity and inadequacy. Some cuckolds don’t need to be present during the deed, and are happy to wait for their hotwife to return and describe her evening’s events in explicit detail.

The fetish only works if the cuckold enjoys the humiliation and degradation that accompanies his wife’s ‘infidelity’. If the husband doesn’t enjoy all of the humiliation and degradation, then he is not a cuckold.


Before the hotwife and cuckold can participate in their sordid shenanigans, they need something else. They need a ‘prop’. A big, thick, meaty prop. Yip, you guessed it. They need the person to have sex with the hotwife while the husband watches…

This man is known as the bull.

Bull – Definition: Within the context of cuckolding, a bull is a sexually dominant male who has sex with a married woman with her husband’s consent.

Bulls are typically good looking, confident, and well hung—which helps them satisfy women sexually in ways their loyal husbands can’t. Being a bull can be gratifying for men interested in sex rather than relationships. However, men looking for deeper connections may be disappointed and start feeling objectified by being a bull.

If you look at any cuckolding sites, the first thing you’ll notice is how many of the bulls are black. There are countless pictures of white women being pleasured by black men. The majority of these pictures have been taken by the husbands. Terms like BBC (big black cock) and Alpha are emblazoned over the pages of these sites.



Returning to my fictitious couple…

The hotwife has a loving husband and a series of ‘bulls’ to satisfy her womanly needs. For Michelle, life is good. She wants her husband to enjoy it as much as she does, and so she checks out cuckolding forums and chat rooms. She sees all the things that cucks love — denial, chastity, restraint, humiliation.

So she goes online and buys him a cock-cage, then informs him he’ll only be allowed to have sex when she thinks he deserves it. She lets him perform clean-up, which is exactly what it sounds like — using his tongue to clean up the mess the bull has deposited inside her during sex. Yip, Michelle is living the dream.

But for Harry, things seem to be going a little off-script. While there is no denying the thrill of watching his wife being used by the well-endowed bulls, he’s frustrated that she’s now off-limits to him. The cock-cage means he has to use a cubicle every time he takes a pee in the pub or at work, and he never gets the opportunity to give himself a four-finger-shuffle to ease the pressure.

And then there’s clean-up. He knew it was what she wanted—and he loved her—so he did it. Now she’s pushing him further; a pegging from her strap-on, contact with the bull, and worse.  What started out for Harry as a sexy, wife-watching adventure is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

Maybe Harry isn’t really a cuckold, after all…

So, what do you call a guy who enjoys all the voyeuristic pleasure of wife-watching without the humiliation part of being a cuck? He, I’m reliably informed, is a stag.

Stag – Definition: A dominant monogamous husband who shares his wife with other men without any humiliation. It turns him on to see her receive pleasure

The wife of a stag is called a vixen.

Vixen – Definition: A shared hotwife who does not degrade or humiliate her husband. Instead, she uses her play to turn him on.

Also, a stag/vixen encounter doesn’t preclude the husband being involved. As well as watching, he might eventually join in with his partner and another man rather than enjoying being excluded.


Before I started writing the second book, I contacted a couple of people who are in the lifestyle to ask if they’d answer some questions for me. The lady is a hotwife, and the guy describes himself as a ‘wife-watcher’ rather than a cuckold. They’re unrelated and, as far as I know, they don’t know one another.

I knew where I wanted my story to go and put forward the scenarios I intended to include, along with a lot of general questions about the lifestyle. Their willingness to answer all of my sordid questions has hopefully given my story a feeling of authenticity.

They were incredibly open with their answers, and it soon became apparent that they were at opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to the ‘hotwife’ fetish. But what was also apparent was how strong their relationships are. They’re both in normal, loving relationships with their respective spouses. Both have families and jobs and regular lives.

The only difference between them and millions of other couples is that every once in a while they spice up their sex-life by including a third party. There is no jealousy, no bitterness, and certainly no seeing the other man without the husband being told. Both relationships work on total trust.


There are numerous sites where couples and bulls advertise their availability, and also chat rooms for them to ‘meet’ and discuss their preferences.



Many hotwives wear an anklet as a way of letting people know they’re in the wife-sharing alternative marriage lifestyle. This piece of jewellery is designed to show that the married woman’s husband is giving other men permission to talk to her with the knowledge that she may go a lot further than just talking.



Others have tattoos in prominent places (ankle, wrist) or not-so prominent places. A Queen of Spades tattoo signifies a woman who is looking specifically for a black man to have sex with.



I think of cuckold/hotwife and stag/vixen couples as two different examples of wife-sharing. I’ve seen this term listed as being synonymous with wife-swapping (swinging), but to me, the two are different.

The primary driving force of wife-sharing is that the husband gets sexual enjoyment from seeing his wife with another man. He gets pleasure from seeing her pleasure. It’s like he’s so proud of his possession that he wants to show her off. With wife-swapping, the primary driving force is that both partners want to experience sex with someone else.

Some people who start off as swingers may realise that the biggest thrill for the husband is watching his wife with another man. Conversely, some couples who go down the wife-sharing route may find that once in a while, the husband wants to experience contact with another woman as well. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules. Each couple is different, and they’re perfectly entitled to have a change to the routine every now and then. But for the most part, the husband in a wife-sharing relationship is monogamous. He only desires his wife.


Though aware that wife-sharing was a popular fantasy, I was surprised when I first started my research at the sheer number of people actually participating in the lifestyle. I’ve read that the divorce rates between couples within the wife-sharing community are much lower than those between regular couples, and I’m pretty sure that this is also true of couples within the swinging community.

I’m told that it is imperative that you are honest with each other, and that you have a clear understanding of each other’s desires and limits. For any couples considering dipping their toes in the wife-sharing pool, it would be beneficial for you both to talk it through and discuss what it is you’re both hoping to get out of it.

For Harry and Michelle, that lack of communication caused problems that could easily have been avoided. But then, all stories need a little conflict, so I didn’t have them discussing what worked for them until halfway through Book 2.


Basically, if you’re thinking about writing a story around a wife-sharing scenario, then you have to decide if the husband is going to be a cuckold or a stag.

The nice thing is, he can be anywhere between the two extremes. And since it’s your story, you can decide what each half of the couple wants out of the arrangement and give your story an interesting dynamic as well lashings of fulfilling sex.



Delores Swallows

Delores Swallows has many dirty thoughts, and during his free time he writes them down in the form of stories. Born and bred in the northwest of England, he has a commoner’s accent and a bit of a crush on his future queen (Kate, not Camilla!). His stories often feature petite brunettes, high-heeled shoes and voyeurism. He claims he didn’t realise these were obsessions until someone pointed out how often they appear in his work.


  1. Belinda LaPage

    Good God! The anklet thing! People need to know about this. It seems a dangerously mainstream thing to signal something so niche, though. What if you saw your mum wearing one?

    Hotwife is a crazy broad niche, and some clarity on the lingo is helpful. I see you steered clear of the infidelity/cheating kink though. Wise. It’s a bit of a crazy-magnet, although so is cuckold.

    Loved the threesome stick-figures 🙂

    • Delores Swallows

      Anklets – yeah, I know. Years ago, I was told there was something in the gay lifestyle about hankies hanging out of your pocket, and depending on which pocket told people what your preference was.

      I used to be terrified I’d been inadvertently leading men on, like a PT 🙂

      I never thought of including the term ‘cheating wives’.

      I’m pretty sure if it relates to hotwives, they’ve been encouraged to ‘cheat’ by their husbands. I read that over 95% of couples involved in the hotwife lifestyle got into it after the husband suggested it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Lisabet Sarai

    Very clear explanation — and I love the graphics. I also worry about the anklet thing. I’ve always thought they were generally sexy, but never knew they had specific meaning.

    • RoSE

      I’m actually wondering if anklets always had that meaning, or whether it’s a more recent development. I’ve always been a bit naive when it comes to ordinary stuff symbolizes other stuff of which I have no knowledge. I mean if you don’t this stuff and have no reason to know this stuff, how do you know what stuff not to do or wear. Even when I was a kid, I figured an anklet was just another piece of jewellery. More than a half a century later, I still didn’t know it meant anything other than being another piece of jewellery. (Not that I actually wear much jewellery…. like nothing except my wedding band and the occasional pendant if I feel like dressing up for a special event, but still…how do I know if my pendant isn’t sending signals to some other group who uses pendants as a signal?)


      • Delores Swallows

        Hi Rose

        Anklets have been around forever, and are worn by many women – including a lot of celebrities. I would never suggest all those women are hotwives.

        In the early part of last century, prostitutes showed they were ‘working and available’ by wearing one. In the US in the 1970s, the ‘spirit of free love’ inspired many women to wear them as fashion accessories as a way of signifying they were leading a Bohemian lifestyle.

        But the modern craze for hotwifery (if that’s a word) is giving an upturn in anklet sales. Apparently.

        So what I’m saying is, not all women who wear anklets are hotwives. But just as importantly, not all hotwives wear anklets (as they want to keep their sex-life completely private from other people).

        I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone tells me that if I were to wear my watch with its face down on my right wrist, it means I’m actually asking to be the limp piece of meat in a BBW sandwich…. or something.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


        ps Sam reckons that pendants are revolting – or maybe I mis-read that phrase 🙂

    • Delores Swallows

      Anklets can be worn by anybody (and have been around for thousands of years), and I would never suggest that every woman who wears one is begging for men whisk her off for a sex-marathon.

      But within the hotwife lifestyle, they are well known. What’s more, the trinkets decorating them often reveal things about the hotwife’s preferences and lifestyle.
      See this link for more info:

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Darnell

    Good information that can be used for warm feeling stories to steaming hot.

  4. R

    A really informative piece. It is good to establish that there is more variation to the hotwife ‘fetish’ than just a submissive, sissy, cuckold husband. Not that I am saying that there is anything wrong with being like that. The point is that each couple are different and if their communication is good, they can customise their experiences and find the right ‘bulls’ to play with.

    With regards to anklets, I was kind of always aware that an ankle bracelet in the 80’s-90’s was considered slutty but I couldn’t say where I got this impression from.

    • Delores Swallows

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Ray.

      I’m sure many ‘nice’ girls wear anklets, too.

      I agree that many people conceive the cuckold as the down-trodden husband who’s being made to let his hotwife enjoy other men against his will.
      But if the husband doesn’t enjoy the humiliation, he’s not actually a cuckold.

      And as you know, there are many men who enjoy sharing their wives without any humiliation whatsoever.

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