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New year, new inspirations! Time to share your latest erotic visions with the world. That’s right, it’s Sexy Snippet Day

ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion.
However, we’ve decided we should give our author/members an
occasional opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the
reading public. Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment on the day’s post. Include the title from with the snippet was extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link, if you’d like.

post excerpts only from published work (or work that is free for
download), not works in progress. The goal, after all, is to titillate
your readers and seduce them into buying your books!

Feel free to share this with erotic author friends. It’s an open invitation!

course I expect you to follow the rules. If your excerpt is more
than 200 words or includes more than one link, I’ll remove your
comment and prohibit you from participating in further Sexy
Snippet days. I’ll say no more!

you’ve posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a
whole to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your
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~ Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai

Sex and writing. I think I've always been fascinated by both. Freud was right. I definitely remember feelings that I now recognize as sexual, long before I reached puberty. I was horny before I knew what that meant. My teens and twenties I spent in a hormone-induced haze, perpetually "in love" with someone (sometimes more than one someone). I still recall the moment of enlightenment, in high school, when I realized that I could say "yes" to sexual exploration, even though society told me to say no. Despite being a shy egghead with world-class myopia who thought she was fat, I had managed to accumulate a pretty wide range of sexual experience by the time I got married. And I'm happy to report that, thanks to my husband's open mind and naughty imagination, my sexual adventures didn't end at that point! Meanwhile, I was born writing. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, though according to family apocrypha, I was talking at six months. Certainly, I started writing as soon as I learned how to form the letters. I penned my first poem when I was seven. While I was in elementary school I wrote more poetry, stories, at least two plays (one about the Beatles and one about the Goldwater-Johnson presidential contest, believe it or not), and a survival manual for Martians (really). I continued to write my way through high school, college, and grad school, mostly angst-ridden poems about love and desire, although I also remember working on a ghost story/romance novel (wish I could find that now). I've written song lyrics, meeting minutes, marketing copy, software manuals, research reports, a cookbook, a self-help book, and a five hundred page dissertation. For years, I wrote erotic stories and kinky fantasies for myself and for lovers' entertainment. I never considered trying to publish my work until I picked up a copy of Portia da Costa's Black Lace classic Gemini Heat while sojourning in Istanbul. My first reaction was "Wow!". It was possibly the most arousing thing I'd ever read, intelligent, articulate, diverse and wonderfully transgressive. My second reaction was, "I'll bet I could write a book like that." I wrote the first three chapters of Raw Silk and submitted a proposal to Black Lace, almost on a lark. I was astonished when they accepted it. The book was published in April 1999, and all at once, I was an official erotic author. A lot has changed since my Black Lace days. But I still get a thrill from writing erotica. It's a never-ending challenge, trying to capture the emotional complexities of a sexual encounter. I'm far less interested in what happens to my characters' bodies than in what goes on in their heads.


  1. Ashe Barker

    "You'll be nude, draped across my spanking bench. It will be easy to touch you, fuck you. And I will, if you want that, but not otherwise. Is this about sex for you, or is the spanking enough on its own?"
    I stare at him. It's a good question, an excellent question, in fact. Every other time I've been spanked, it was in the semi-public setting of a BDSM club. On each occasion the Dom touched me, brought me to orgasm and, of course, I liked that. But none of them fucked me. That seemed fine, for then. Not so much, now.
    "It is about the sex, Sir."
    "So I'd like you to fuck me. If that's what you want, too, of course."
    He inclines his head. "Of course. And you know you can change your mind at any time. There'll be no coercion, no overstepping the boundaries."
    "I don't want boundaries. I want it all." And I do, I really do. My pussy is already weeping, convulsing as my arousal builds, just from discussing what is to happen. He hasn't laid a hand on me yet, and I'm already half way to climaxing here on his kitchen stool.
    200 words from Rose's Are Red, my story in the Bound, Spanked & Loved box set

  2. Daddy X

    Assman Distracted



    “Jesus! Watch it, Herb.”

    “Holy fuck—where’d he come from?”

    “You blew right through that light. What’s wrong with you?”

    “Oh. Guess I got distracted, sweetheart. All this traffic.”

    “Traffic? Bullshit. Don’t sweetheart me! You were watching that girl jogging. Those tiny red shorts. Watching her ass.”

    “Ummm …”

    “I saw you—you pervert. One third your age.”

    “Still legal.”

    “Maybe. But you’re sixty. You haven’t looked at me that way in ages.”

    “You got one fine tookas, baby. Remember how we used to do? Remember, your sphincter would finally relax, then open wide for me?”

    “You’re just saying that ‘cause I’m mad.”

    “You’re not that mad, are you?”

    “You never ask to do it back there any more.”

    “How about tonight? Some lubey-ass? We’ll play buttplugs too.”

    “I don’t know—after this kind of behavior-”


    “You wouldn’t have wanted to, not if it wasn’t for some bouncy ass.”

    “Whose ass?”

    “Back there. That one you almost got us killed over.”

    “Oh yeah, her. I can still see her in the rear view mirror. Yep, she’s right back there. Great tits too. Aww, you bet. I sure would-”

    Screeeeech! … Bam!

    From my upcoming collection of flash fiction: “Flash Daddy” due later this year

  3. Pete Symes

    Meanwhile Lynn’s payback program is doing a number on me. On the floor between my thighs Lynn teases me mercilessly with feints towards taking my now reinvigorated and resplendently erect prick in her mouth only demurring at the last mouth agape moment in exaggerated hesitation to torture me for my earlier tentativeness. She places a finger tip at the corner of her mouth and looks up and to the side, highlighting her large blue eyes and plays her parody of Hamlet’s soliloquy to mock me. “Should I or should I not, that is the question?” With that she smiles her large white smile and places her chin atop my straining member and at last touches me slowly wrapping her fingers gently where balls and shaft meet.

    She is probably squeezing a little harder than I might have liked. Though in my brain I was begging for her to start the age old stroking motion to commence a hand job with the lovely Lynn's face as a backdrop. That might be just enough for me. She again pauses and seems to be searching my eyes for a clue. It is as if we are both just waiting for the other to say. “It’s OK.”

    "A Woman of Note"

  4. Lisabet Sarai

    I let myself pretend that the cock I'm sucking belongs to my master. He's longer and more slender than Carl, but I don't doubt he'd be equally rough. Cruelty is a habit for him. Closing my eyes, I picture him looming over me, his raven curls tumbling over his brow, his lips stretched in a taut grimace of pleasure. I've never tasted him, never touched him, but I know his skin would be cool and silky. His cock would be hard as a marble tomb.

    I tilt back to open my throat, inviting deeper penetration. Carl's prick is hot and urgent, slamming against my palate as he strains for release. He claws at my shirt. A vein throbs against my tongue and I smile to myself, knowing how that would fan my master's lust.

    My visitor expels a grunt as ragged jerks seize his pelvis. Thick, chalky-tasting fluid fills my mouth. I gulp it down, imagining my master's cum, chill and sweet. The intoxicating notion has me teetering on the verge of orgasm once again.

    Carl drags his prick from my eager lips, spattering drops of semen across my face. He slaps my saliva-smeared cheek. "Don't you dare come, boy!"

    200 words from "Renfield's Lament" in Fourth World: Erotic Tales of Monsters, Myths and Magic by Lisabet Sarai

  5. R. Phoenix

    Need raged through him like some great inferno, searing him from the inside out and leaving him breathless in its wake. This time, it had nothing to do with the collar and everything to do with the ache in his groin, and his hands tightened into fists as he caught himself rubbing the head of his cock against the kennel floor.

    “You can’t help yourself, can you?” Elias asked, his voice filled to the brim with false sympathy so blatant Jace couldn’t mistake it for anything but mockery. “I knew bitches went through heat, but didn’t you say you were something more than that?”

    “I’m not a bitch,” Jace snarled, his fingernails digging sharply into his palms as he forced his hips to stop moving.

    “No? Well, you’re in heat all the same, aren’t you?” The witch’s hands grazed the side of the kennel over the lock, and the sound of metal subtly shifting confronted him even as the door remained closed.

    “What the fuck did you do to me?” One of his fists unfurled, and he fought not to touch himself.

    “Would you prefer that list categorically or alphabetically?”

    Jace wanted to rip his smug throat out.

    -198 words from Bought: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story. Free in several places but Amazon (no matter how hard I try), including

  6. Erzabet Bishop

    193 words from Red Hot: A Sapphire Masquerade Novella (Salacious Box Set) Now available.

    “Good girl. Now, because this room will be ours for only thirty minutes, we’ll have to make the most of it. Autumn, I want you to stroke yourself to readiness, and you, my lovely new toy, will come here and give me a proper kiss.”
    She held out her hand to him, and he approached. Lifting her face to his, she pressed her soft lips against his and began to explore him. Brendan groaned into her mouth, his cock straining to break free of his leathers as she cupped him.
    “That’s good. Now, I want to put your mouth to good use.” She tugged him forward toward the bed, the sound of Autumn’s plaintive cries the only other noise in the room. She lifted up her skirt and placed her foot on the edge of the round mattress.
    “What can I do to serve you, Mistress?” She tugged him in front of her.
    Mistress J smiled. “I want you to show me just how well you kiss.” She held the dress to one side of her thigh, exposing her smooth, shaved mound. “No fingers. Just your lips and tongue. Make me come.”

  7. May Ling Su

    Excerpt from Lilith: Queen of the Demons

    Lilith raised the fruit to her lips and ate.

    Azazel became nervous. He looked all around the garden to see if anyone was watching.

    Lilith’s eyes shut tight. She dropped to her knees. Her hands held on to the grass to keep herself from falling over. The sweet fruit filled her body with blinding energy. She felt an excitement fill her soul. When she opened her eyes she saw everything differently. A strange clarity came over her. She looked at Azazel. His black powerful body towered above her. Their eyes met and Lilith smiled a wicked smile.

    Lilith crawled toward the man from the fire. Her eyes squinted, intoxicated from the golden fruit. She offered a bite to Azazel. He took the fruit from her hand and bit. His eyes became slits. He started to laugh.

    Lilith wrapped her perfect body around his legs. She lifted herself onto him off the ground, turned the fruit in his hand and mashed it onto his chest. The juice ran down the front of his body as she demolished the fruit down his chest to his stomach. She licked the juice off the front of his body. They laughed.

    Lilith: Queen of the Demons by May Ling Su is available on Amazon as a Kindle download or paperback.

  8. KD Grace

    Toys for Boys from the Brit Boys: With Toys Box Set
    (199 words)

    Will’s teeth were chattering hard, and his whole body trembling from the cold as Doc worried the shorts down over his commando bum and found himself face to cock, which made the blighter burst into hysterical laughter. “Have we ulterior motives, Mr. Jones? Where the hell’s the camera?”

    “Want a selfie of your cock, do you, you shivering bastard?” Doc turned his attention to the walking boots, which had stopped all progress of getting the man undressed. Focusing on something other than the naked, very vulnerable body of Will fucking Charles helped clear his mind. He was too cold, to tired to get hard over what was essentially a matter of life and death, he told himself. Surely!

    Once boots were dispensed with, he shoved the man into the sleeping bag and went about the awkward business of stripping himself.

    “Where the hell is the camera when I need it?” Will chuckled between chattering teeth.

    “You point that thing at me, and I’ll shove it up your arse,” Doc’s own teeth sounded like a couple of spastic tap dancers had been turned loose in his mouth.

    “Now that’s a function I didn’t find in the instruction manual,” Will replied.

  9. Kenn Dahll

    From The White Prince of Darkness by Kenn Dahll
    “Tie him down,” the new vampire honcho orders. Tim, Jorge, and their boss proceed to clamp cuffs on my wrists and ankles and fasten the second link of each pair to the chains of a sling suspended from the ceiling. I feel my ass cheeks are over the edge of the leather making me extremely vulnerable to a gangbang by the four vampires. They strip and I recoil at the sight of the two new monster’s cocks−both are extremely lengthy and exceptionally thick with gnarly veins giving each an especially obscene appearance. Their shafts reminded me of paintings of grotesque demons with unbelievably monstrous phalluses. “Before we fuck you and insert our precious fluid into your body, we are going to drink your balls dry. Tim, suck on his cock to get it hard. Jorge, play with his nipples. Grant, take his balls into your mouth but do not pierce and drain them.”
    The leader of the group stands behind my head, which is also hanging off the leather; if I look up I can see his bizarre genitals ominously looming over me while he appraises the activities of the others.

  10. R.A.Padmos

    I had to touch him, explore every centimeter of his body in the vain hope that this would be a guarantee against oblivion. I knelt beside him on the bed and worked systematically from his head to his feet. I touched his face, his shoulders and torso with the fine hairs, his tense from excitement belly, his swollen sex, his strong legs and even the soles of his feet. I touched his neck and his back and his buttocks. I saw that he was so eager that I almost pitied him. He accepted my control, even if it meant he had to wait for my initiative. Hungrily I soaked up even the smallest details—his frowning eyebrows, the sweat on his lip. I smiled, and it wasn’t a smile without its satisfaction, when I knelt above him and slowly sank down on him, deciding the rhythm of our parting. I looked at him, so angular and muscled beneath me, so vulnerable. He loves me, I thought. I can say that a man walked this earth who loved me.

    178 words from The Bookshop, a historical romance, by R.A. Padmos
    Available for early download at:

  11. L.M. Brown

    “Do you want me?” Kyle asked.


    “Do you?” Kyle repeated. “Do you want to fuck me?”

    Jake didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth to speak, but only managed a feeble croak. The question seemed to have come out of nowhere. Kyle approached him like some kind of predator, yet he was offering to let Jake take charge. Where had this man of contradictions come from? Rendered mute, he couldn’t find the words, but he managed a small nod.

    “I need you,” Kyle said right before he pushed Jake down onto the sofa and climbed on top of him.

    Jake sat there, stunned as Kyle tugged at the buttons of his shirt, fumbling to undo them.

    “Um, Kyle. What are you doing?”

    “I need you,” Kyle repeated. “Now.”

    Jake would have asked what Kyle meant, only it was blindingly obvious what his intentions were.

    “I have to feel you inside me,” Kyle said. “Need you to fill me up right now.”

    Jake whimpered and even though his brain was asking where this had come from, his cock showed quite a lot of interest in Kyle’s idea.

    Snippet from Forbidden Waters by L.M. Brown
    Buy link:

  12. James D

    From Dream Family (part of my Dream Series)…

    Before the front door even closes, my lips are on his, my arms around him, my hands reaching to touch every inch of his body. I want to pull him down on the floor, right here, tear off his clothes and…

    He’s happy to go along with that; his body is pressed against mine, his hands exploring me, and he’s already very – well, involved. But I pull back. I’m ready, too; my body is completely responsive, doing everything it’s supposed to and more, but there’s one thing missing.

    “Not out here,” I say. “And not this way.” He looks at me, but his eyes aren’t quite focused; I think I overwhelmed him. That’s not how I want this to go. I take his hand, lightly, and gesture towards our bedroom. After a moment, recognition settles across his face and I’m absolutely certain we’re thinking of the same thing: that night, that first night almost nine years ago.

    I lead him into the bedroom and I go straight to the bedside table. I pick up my rings and bring them to Brian. He holds out his hand, and I drop them into his waiting palm. “You do it. Please.”

  13. gemwriter

    “I’m sorry, Abby. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold back once I’m inside you,” he whispered hoarsely as she clung to him. “I need to be inside you now.”
    She tensed until he rolled away from her, and she watched as he slipped the condom over his length, awed by the beauty of his body. When he moved back toward her, she spread her legs and welcomed him in. Poised over her, he held his weight off her with sculpted, corded arms. As he entered her, his eyes never left hers.
    This was an experience she’d never imagined. She’d never made love with her eyes open.
    With Jack, it was more than just physical coupling. As he slid into her body, he climbed into her soul. His rhythm quickened, and she saw more than primal need in his sage- green eyes, so intent on hers. It was almost more than she could endure. His sincerity clutched at her heart, testing her emotional limits.
    Amazon Author Page

  14. Dahlia Lovejoy

    From "Mammoth," a Neanderthal-human erotic romance:

    Moss would walk toward these sounds, stepping quietly through the underbrush as she approached.

    Several times she was fast and stealthy enough to catch the act before it ended. She found couples or triads or entire groups with pelts thrown to the ground and bodies writhing and slapping against each other — sometimes copulating like wolves or deer, other times with the woman squatting above the man and taking his penis into her again and again as her ass bounced against his hips, and yet other times belly-to-belly and face-to-face, as in the embrace Moss had shared with Crow Boy so long ago.

    She would climb into a tree and touch herself as she watched thick pricks pump in and out of wet cunts, balls slapping against thighs, and reveled in the grunts and groans. She bit her lip so she wouldn’t reveal her location with her own moans as she rubbed her throbbing clit.

    Was Crow Boy mating with a woman like this right now? Did his cock make women produce the same hungry cries of pleasure that the women in front of her made? Would Moss make these same noises if Crow Boy ever fucked her?"

    Buy as part of the Geeky Kink Anthology at

  15. Henry Corrigan

    "I want to remind you Dr. Aaronson, my preferences for touching are as follows. One, I like to be…"
    Aaronson's hand swiped through the air and cut Spencer's words off at the knees. "Lie down on your stomach."
    A choking noise issued from Spencer's throat. It was as if the words she'd meant to say were now caught in a ten-car pileup. She huffed for several seconds, then swallowed thickly.
    "Um. I. Er. Lie down?"
    "Yes." Aaronson waited, his fingers flittering. Steve and Adara's eyes were solely on Spencer. After months of witnessing the effortless way she commanded a room, this sudden challenge made them watch her as closely as the sensors on the consoles.
    Spencer studied Aaronson, but his face was steady. She thought a moment about his request and honestly saw no real harm in it. Though, it still bothered her for a reason she couldn't put her finger on.
    "Very well," she said at last.
    150 words from my book "Carnal Theory"

  16. K Brandt

    Mina gazed at Angelica, sinking her tongue inside her sweetness with a penetrating, swooping motion and lapped at her wetness. Angelica had nothing more to say, taken by ecstatic waves of pleasure radiating through her body.
    “So sweet.” Mina licked at Angelica's juicy clit, sliding down the curve of it, addicted to Angelica's intoxicating taste.
    “Ohhh…” Angelica closed her eyes, remembering Greg's cock in her hands, slipping between her pursed lips, filling the back of her throat with its fullness. Greg's shaft was perfect for her inexperienced mouth. It felt terribly naughty, bobbing on his bulbous head, and swallowing his big drips of pre-cum.
    “I wanted to have Greg inside me so bad,” she whimpered, letting her head fall as her legs opened wider. Mina's tongue went erect, like a small, stiff penis penetrating Angelica's virgin hole, widening with each plunge.
    “I wanted him to fill me and take my virginity!”Angelica cried, pretending Mina's tongue was Greg's shaft. She rocked her hips, taken by the pleasure of penetration. “I wanted Greg to be my first cock!”

    Excerpt from "Servant Quarter Stepbrothers 2: The Maid and the Virgin"*Version*=1&*entries*=0

  17. G.D. Ogan

    G.D. Ogan "Immortal Relations" Paranormal-Romance

    I found myself flat on my back on the table this time with Maggie straddling me; controlling how and when she planned on taking my essence. She was having fun, bringing me close and then backing down. I think she was showing Evy how to drive me out of my mind when it was her turn. Maggie finally looked down on my quivering body and moved forward, stepping over and off the table putting her hand up in the air, which Evy slapped in the style of a wrestling tag team match. Evy flew up on the table like Maggie had straddled me. Since there had been no foreplay with her she took a while to be able to take me in. If anything, it heightened my level of punishment not wanting to hurt her and thus not being able to find completion. But she started to warm up and allow a little penetration, then greater still, as she got more into the process. In a few more minutes, she was in full passion, and I was feeling my passion peaking as well. She controlled the joining like she had more experience than she had.

  18. elizabethcoldwell

    I didn’t understand what he meant till he picked a length of tinsel, one of the props we’d used earlier in the shoot, off the floor. Taking both my wrists in one hand, he wrapped the tinsel around them before knotting it loosely. As restraints went, it was hardly the most effective—I reckoned I could break free if I wanted. But I didn’t want to. Bryce tying me up had made my heart beat faster and my juices flow more strongly. I liked the thought of being helpless, in thrall to him.
    Straddling my hips, Bryce smiled down at me. Then he kissed me again, picking up where he’d left off. He stroked my sides with his fingers, catching me where I was most sensitive and making me gasp. This man, I decided, might have the face of an angel but this cruel teasing was the devil’s work. Yet I didn’t beg him to stop. Being at his mercy got to me like nothing I’d experienced before, and I loved it.

    172 words from Mr December –

  19. Susan Arden

    “With you, I want more. Harder. Naked. You spread wide as I take you. Give you what you need. But to do that, you’ve got to let me in.” He released his hold on my hand, grazed his palms over my butt, squeezing and gripping my cheeks.
    I kept caressing him, running my thumb over the ridge of his crown as we both groaned. “Can you? Give me something I don’t even understand. Didn’t even know I needed until we met. I want you to make it hurt. Is that twisted?”
    “Not between us.” His gaze penetrated me core deep as a hot shiver spread under my skin. “We’re explosive together. Our natures are like the perfect friction. I’ll make you feel good. Hurt good.”
    “You’ll fuck me everywhere?” I asked without shame.
    “Everywhere. You’re mine. Something about you, I can’t get past. I want to hear you call my name. Scream it.”
    He put into words what I was feeling—but refused to examine. Holding me, he rubbed against my palm, and I melted. I bit my lip, drawing blood, metallic but muted by the sharp taste of lust.

    A sizzling dark teaser to ignite your imagination.
    From Too Hot To Handle, Zero To 60 sex against a wall.
    A barely legal girl on the run crosses paths with a Marine sniper.

    Free Kindle Unlimited ebook
    or available in paperback~418 pages.
    Check it out

Hot Chilli Erotica

Hot Chilli Erotica


Babysitting the Baumgartners - The Movie
From Adam & Eve - Based on the Book by New York Times Bestselling Authors Selena Kitt



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