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by | September 23, 2015 | General | 10 comments

by Lucy Felthouse

There’s been a lot of negativity in the erotica/erotic romance writing world just lately. What with discussions on how “that book” has affected the industry and the market, publishers going under, sales dropping, the affect of Kindle Unlimited… the list goes on.

Because of this, I decided a positive post was in order. Yes, bad stuff is happening (and yes, some of it has affected me, and continues to do so), but I’m doing my best to stay positive and rise above it. I’m not letting it drag me down. Some people’s muses have understandably deserted them, leaving a whole bunch of writers with no output, hopefully temporarily. But it seems to have had the opposite affect on me. I’ve been driven to write more, write faster, experiment more, research other publishers, put more eggs in my self-publishing basket. Because there’s no way I’m giving up. Want to know why?

I love it.

Simple as that. I love it, and have loved it for years. I don’t make an awful lot of money from my writing. It’s increasing as I get more books out, of course, but it’s not my full-time job. Maybe it never will be. But I still won’t stop. I have tons of new stories left in me waiting to be told, characters to revisit, and, most importantly, readers that enjoy my books and look forward to reading new ones. That’s what keeps me going. That drive to write more, and those frankly awesome people that buy my books. Yes, I wish I could have a million-selling book, hit the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists, of course I do. But in the meantime I’m going back to basics. Instead of worrying too much about what’s going to sell and what isn’t – because, let’s be honest, it’s nigh on impossible to predict, anyway – I’m just writing what I want to write, telling stories I want to tell. I just finished a novella recently, and adored every moment of writing it. It might not sell and may get awful reviews – but I’ll take it on the chin. I always do. Equally, it could be a runaway success. Only time will tell.

Either way, I won’t forget the love. So please, everyone, remember that. Remember why you write, why you’re involved in this genre and industry. Keep creating, keep going, keep loving.

We always need more positivity in this world, after all.



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  1. Karen Shenton

    Such a fantastic post Lucy. Please everyone, keep writing and I will definitely keep reading 🙂 xx

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Thanks Karen! And I'll definitely keep writing. Hope everyone else does, too! xx

  2. Lily Harlem

    Well said, Lucy!

  3. Kay Jaybee

    Totally xxxx

  4. Lisabet Sarai

    Amen! Thank you for this, Lucy.

    If you don't love it, it's not worth doing.

    And even if we don't sell a million books, doesn't one glowing comment from a reader make it all worthwhile? It does for me…

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Thanks Lisabet! And yes, just one single comment from a reader saying they enjoyed my book makes me grin from ear to ear 😀

  5. Jean Roberta

    Thanks for reminding us why we do this, Lucy.

  6. Reuben

    Go Lucy! Go Lucy! – Very well said indeed! My enjoyment of writing is certainly overwhelmingly my main reason for doing it. I love it too and I NEVER want to stop. Great post – simple, straightforward, true, powerful, invigorating! Thanks!

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