Do You Stick With Authors, or Genres? by Lucy Felthouse

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By Lucy Felthouse

This post was originally on the Dirty Birdies blog.

I have a question: what are your thoughts on authors that write in multiple genres and pairings under the same pen name? Does it bother you? Will you still read that author? Will you just pick and choose what genres/pairings from that particular author that you like? Or do you read anything and everything from your favourite authors, no matter what they write?

I’d really love your opinion on this. I’m asking because there seems to be no standard in the publishing industry. I “know” lots of authors because of the wonder that is social media, and some of them (myself included) write lots of different things under the same pen name, whereas others create new pen names when they branch out into something new.

I wouldn’t say I write different genres, exactly, because so far I’ve only written erotica and erotic romance. Though I write in lots of subgenres; contemporary, paranormal, femdom, maledom, BDSM, etc, etc… but I do write different pairings. It’s waaay too late for me to start splitting those up now, and I wouldn’t, anyway, because it’s hard enough work maintaining various websites and social media accounts for a single author name, let alone adding more to the equation. I just make sure to emphasise genres and pairings when promoting new releases, and I always put that information on my website. I can’t control what details my publishers put on their websites and third party retailers, but wherever I can, I make the information available. So hopefully I’m providing my readers with the details they need to ensure they’re only buying books they’re interested in.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you wish authors would use different aliases, or doesn’t it bother you?

Also, just for the record, if I moved into something like crime fiction or mainstream romance, I would start a new pen name. But while it’s remotely smutty, I’m sticking with this one 🙂

Happy Reading,

Lucy x


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  1. Debi Hursh

    It doesn't bother me one bit on which name you use. It is always good to have a different variety to fit every ones needs. Sometimes people are afraid to try new authors because they don't know their writing style. Some writers might prefer to change their name due to the content and how they live their lives. I say if you are comfortable putting your name on erotica books then you should be comfortable writing anything. I will read your books no matter what Lucy!

  2. Tabitha Rayne

    Such an interesting post. Do you think readers would feel betrayed if you suddenly wrote a slasher book? or a horror?
    I use different names for different genres personally, just to keep it simple. Though, I have been toying with a non erotic on my Tabitha (me anyway) – but would my audience be disappointed? I'm very pleased by Debi's response. x x

  3. Holly J. Gill

    I will confess I am guilty of this, I have written erotica in the past and wouldn't say i'll never write it again, however I have recently changed my genre to Mainstream sweet romance, this being due to the storyline. So far it hasn't been mentioned or anyone is disappointed, but I'd be interested in seeing the responses to the post

  4. Sessha Batto

    I don't care what name or genre anyone writes.

  5. KD Grace

    I use different names for different genre, as Tabitha says, to keep it simple. And it doesn't bother me at all, in fact I like it, when as a reader I find one of my favourite authors writes in more than one genre. Usually if someone is a good writer in one genre, they're good in another. A good writer is a good writer.

  6. Alison Greig

    There are a few authors that I would read no matter what …if they wrote the phone book I'd read it. I read most genres, still getting used to paranormal and still not read too much f/f erotica, but getting more and more into it. Only thing i am not keen on is full on horror or murder mysteries like Stuart McBride etc. As for pen names, it doesn't bother me. I know if i read a KayJaybee book it will be filthy erotica and if i read a Jenny Kane book it will be a 'lovely'romance … I k ow they writing will be excellent whatever!

  7. Jennybabe

    I don't care what the author calls her/himself So long as I know- a) what is the Genre and b) if you write other genre's what name do you use? If I like an author I want to find other stuff they've done. Like most readers I read a wide variety of genres (and pairings) and lots of different writers, I just like to know what to expect!

  8. Kay Jaybee

    First of all- thanks Alison Greig for your kind comment above! This is a good question Lucy- I had to think hard when I first switched genre. Kay's erotica is far from sweet- and the contemporary fiction I write as Jenny Kane is far from hard core erotica. I needed to mark the change between the two so readers knew what to expect. Having said that however, I use the Jenny name for romance, historical fiction and children's books – her name seems to fit the 'friendlier' side of my pen somehow, and makes it easier for me to adopt the correct personality when I'm writing. After all- I'm neither Kay nor Jenny really. The names I use are a way of taking on the right personality required for the days writing ahead. xxx

  9. Lisabet Sarai

    I read — and write — many genres. If I find an author I like, I'm eager to discover what he or she can do in a different genre. In fact, I seek out and encourage variety (in genre, pairing, style, etc.). I've no patience with an author who writes the same book over and over again.

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