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by | April 1, 2015 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Paragons of the Prurient and Perverse,

Welcome to the Spring issue of Erotic Lure, the newsletter of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. As the days lengthen, the trees blossom, the sap runs and the natural world explodes into lusty life…we’re doing the same. The new edition of the ERWA website is guaranteed to get your juices flowing, with the sassiest, sexiest and most sophisticated adult content out there in cyberspace.

Our Erotica Gallery will have you slick and swollen in no time. Enjoy our amazingly diverse fiction selected from the Storytime list: a hooker who offers “the girlfriend experience without the girlfriend”; the sexual experience of a man in coma; a fantasy that explains why Henry Thoreau built his cabin next to Walden Pond; a searing tale of corruption and sexual favors guaranteed to make you squirm. And that’s just the start. This edition of ERWA introduces our new Awesome Authors feature. Read short stories or full chapters by some of today’s top erotica authors — all for free! The line-up this edition includes erotic heavyweights like Alison Tyler, Janine Ashbless and…well, go see for yourself!

Let our authors turn you on:

Find more arousing tales in our Books for Sensual Readers section. Just the cover of Violet Blue’s new anthology PICTURE ME NAKED will set your pulse racing. We’ve got the very best for you in every sub-genre: BEST EROTIC ROMANCE 2015 (edited by Kristina Wright), BEST BONDAGE EROTICA 2015 (Rachel Kramer Bussel), BEST SEX WRITING (Jon Pressick), BOMBSHELLS AND BUTCHES: BEST LESBIAN EROTICA (Kathleen Warnock) — and that’s just the books with “best” in their titles. If you’re on the prowl for a novel, check out S.L. Jennings’ provocative TAINT, about a sexual sophisticate who “turns housewives into whores”, or my steamy new paranormal erotic romance THE EYES OF BAST. You’ll find great GLBTQ titles, too, including Neil Plakcy’s anthology of gay romance TAKE THIS MAN and Berengaria Brown’s LESBIAN LOVERS. Meanwhile, if you’re seeking something more explicitly educational, browse our sexy sex ed section. We have the ultimate guides to everything from sex after fifty to prostate pleasure. After all, no matter how good you are in bed, you can always learn new tricks!

As you browse (and fantasize), remember that it’s your purchases via our affiliate links that keep ERWA alive and kicking. If you just can’t control your impulses (and why should you?), please use our links to satisfy them!

Find pleasure between the covers:

Speaking of covers, if you’d like to see YOUR name on one, spend some time exploring our Authors Resources pages. ERWA has the web’s most extensive listing of market opportunities for erotic authors. The Author pages are also your gateway to our extensive archives of craft-related articles ( and a useful directory to services and resources for authors (

This month’s listings include new publisher Love Slave, the “Rough Edges” anthology of American western tales, and two lesbian calls, from legendary editors Cheyenne Blue and Sacchi Green. The listings are updated whenever we receive something new; incoming calls are also added to the ERWA blog,, where you’ll find more great posts on writing.

You can’t claim there’s no market for erotica!

No edition of Erotic Lure would be complete without a quick trip to our Adult Movies section. Featured this month is “Marriage 2.0”, a creative, sensitive and sexy look at a couple in an open relationship. Balancing love and novelty, adventure and commitment, is a tricky task. You’ll enjoy watching this couple rise to the challenge.

Also of note is Brad Armstrong’s latest, “Holly…Would”, starring the stunning Asa Akira as a high end madame. Looks luscious! And for those of you who find plot just gets in the way, I recommend “Student Nurses”. Their uniforms say it all!

Get visual:

What the natural accompaniment for adult movies? No, not popcorn! I’m talking about sex toys. As usual, the Sex Toy Playground keeps you well-informed on the latest erotic implements, neatly summarized in our Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column. This month we also have an article entitled “The Good Vibrations Story”. Did you know they’ve been bringing you pleasure since 1977? Back then, I barely knew what a sex toy was. (Live and learn, I always say!)

Come play!

Finally, don’t miss this month’s Inside the Erotic Mind section. The topic is cybersex, and the personal tales are just amazing. Dangerous or delightful? Entertainment or addiction? What’s your experience? Share your thoughts by clicking on Participate.

Dare to venture inside the erotic mind:

This edition of Erotic Lure is sponsored by Torquere Press. Torquere, the first GLBT Romance epublisher, began in 2003 as a general partnership, and has grown over the last decade into a much larger organization.

While many publishers in 2003 were publishing ebooks, very few were publishing gay and lesbian romance. The mission of Torquere Press was, and is, to provide readers with great stories, and to promote gay and
lesbian romance, and all the sub-genres of romance, as a genre to be reckoned with.

That’s all for this edition. I’ve got to get back to my latest work in progress. My characters aren’t being very cooperative. I keep trying to move the plot forward, but all they want to do is have sex. (I’m not kidding…)

Wishing you a squishy Spring!

Lubriciously yours,

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