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by Kathleen Bradean

The past few days, as I hung out with fellow erotica writer (and editor) D.L. King, I was reminded again of what a close-knit community erotica writers are. I’m sure there are rivalries, but for the most part we’re wonderfully supportive of each other. I’ll admit that I get a little jealous when I read about other writers’ successes, but only because I wish I’d tried to get stories in for deadlines or had worked as hard at my writing as those other writers did.

As I’m friends on FaceBook with many writers, I get glimpses into their lives. I’ve never met them in person, but we’ve been in many anthologies together and been on writer’s lists, so I feel as if I know them. I’ve seen some folks struggle through terrible times, and I’ve seen other writers rush in with words of support and even personal help or funds.

I’m not sure what people think of when they envision erotica writers, but I doubt it’s such sweetness and gentle care of others. Not that their opinion matters, of course.

I’m proud to know this group of people. I love how they help each other with grammar problems and news about editors as well as personal matters outside writing. You’re all good people- in case you need to be reminded. But one of the things I like about you most is that you’re naughty too.

Happy Holidays.

Kathleen Bradean

Kathleen Bradean’s stories can be found in The Best Women’s Erotica 2007, Haunted Hearths, Garden of the Perverse, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 6, and She’s On Top in print. Clean Sheets and The Erotica Readers and Writer’s Association websites have also featured her stories. Writing as Jay Lygon, her stories can be found in Inside Him, Blue Collar Taste Tests, Toy Box: Floggers, and the novels Chaos Magic, Love Runes, and Personal Demons. Read more about Kathleen Bradean at:


  1. Jean Roberta

    Aww, Kathleen. That is a sweet post. I can think of several examples of erotic writers reaching out to fellow-writers in need, and I'm also impressed. (I'm also somewhat ashamed that I haven't done more due to my chronic lack of free time — but then, that's a problem we all share.) You are admirably concise here: a model for us all. (Maybe I should speak for myself.)

  2. Lisabet Sarai

    I couldn't agree more, Kathleen. I've met a handful of my author peers. In almost every case, there's been a sense of connection, of shared values and interests (that go well beyond sex). I know many more authors online, people whom I'll probably never meet in the flesh, but whom I count among my closest friends.

    Maybe the warmth and support comes from the fact that we're a community of outlaws.

  3. Jean Roberta

    That could be true, Lisabet, though writers in general often seem weird and flaky to the general public. (Fame & wealth seem to soften the disapproval, not that most erotic writers have much of a chance.)

    On that note, I would just like to say how shaken I was to read about the death of Eugie Foster on September 27, 2014. I didn't post anything on-line, because 1) I never met her in real life, and 2) she wrote fantasy or spec-fic, not erotica per se. Her work is fascinating, and she passed away far too young (in her early 40s). She was one of the organizers of DragonCon, the annual fantasy writers con in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lived. While she was living, I thought I might arrange to go there some year, or meet her at some other writing event. I thought there was plenty of time. I was reminded once again we can't afford to assume.

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