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We’re just a few days from the start of summer. Let’s heat things up here at the ERWA blog. It’s the 19th of the month, which means this is the day to look through your manuscripts and  share your Sexy Snippets!

The ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion.
However, we’ve decided we should give our author/members an occasional
opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the reading public.
Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment
on the day’s post. Include the title from with the snippet was
extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link, if you’d like.

follow the rules. If you post more than 200 words or more than one
link, I’ll remove your comment and ban you from participating in further
Sexy Snippet days. So play nice!

you’ve posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a whole to
Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your readers hang out.

Have fun!

~ Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai

Sex and writing. I think I've always been fascinated by both. Freud was right. I definitely remember feelings that I now recognize as sexual, long before I reached puberty. I was horny before I knew what that meant. My teens and twenties I spent in a hormone-induced haze, perpetually "in love" with someone (sometimes more than one someone). I still recall the moment of enlightenment, in high school, when I realized that I could say "yes" to sexual exploration, even though society told me to say no. Despite being a shy egghead with world-class myopia who thought she was fat, I had managed to accumulate a pretty wide range of sexual experience by the time I got married. And I'm happy to report that, thanks to my husband's open mind and naughty imagination, my sexual adventures didn't end at that point! Meanwhile, I was born writing. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, though according to family apocrypha, I was talking at six months. Certainly, I started writing as soon as I learned how to form the letters. I penned my first poem when I was seven. While I was in elementary school I wrote more poetry, stories, at least two plays (one about the Beatles and one about the Goldwater-Johnson presidential contest, believe it or not), and a survival manual for Martians (really). I continued to write my way through high school, college, and grad school, mostly angst-ridden poems about love and desire, although I also remember working on a ghost story/romance novel (wish I could find that now). I've written song lyrics, meeting minutes, marketing copy, software manuals, research reports, a cookbook, a self-help book, and a five hundred page dissertation. For years, I wrote erotic stories and kinky fantasies for myself and for lovers' entertainment. I never considered trying to publish my work until I picked up a copy of Portia da Costa's Black Lace classic Gemini Heat while sojourning in Istanbul. My first reaction was "Wow!". It was possibly the most arousing thing I'd ever read, intelligent, articulate, diverse and wonderfully transgressive. My second reaction was, "I'll bet I could write a book like that." I wrote the first three chapters of Raw Silk and submitted a proposal to Black Lace, almost on a lark. I was astonished when they accepted it. The book was published in April 1999, and all at once, I was an official erotic author. A lot has changed since my Black Lace days. But I still get a thrill from writing erotica. It's a never-ending challenge, trying to capture the emotional complexities of a sexual encounter. I'm far less interested in what happens to my characters' bodies than in what goes on in their heads.


  1. Ardorotica

    From "The Giant Dominant Women of Planet Zur"

    A few minutes later both of the alien women turned their attention back to me. They pushed the manipulator up to me again but there was a different attachment on it this time.
    There was a metal rod at the end but this time it had two rings attached to it. The rings were attached to the rod on their edges forming a V shape. Then attached to the metal rod above the rings by some kind of thick, flexible wire were two more objects.
    One was tube shaped and the other was a hollow sphere with a big hole at the bottom. When they moved the manipulator up between my legs, right above my cock, it was obvious where those attachments were going.
    “There, there, little Earthman,” Eautay said caressing my thigh, “it’ll be all right. This may feel a bit odd but it won’t last too long and, trust me, you’ll enjoy the results. We’re gonna take this,” she said wagging my cock around in her hand, “and make it a bit more useful. And we’re gonna take these,” she said cupping my balls and smiling, “and make them a whole hell of a lot more useful.”

  2. Ana Raine

    “Let’s see…” Wesley went to his dresser and selected a spider gag. “This way I can still hear your moans and cries. Come here.”
    I started walking towards him, but he held up a hand to stop me and pointed to the floor. “Crawl to me, Levi.”
    I whimpered before falling to my knees and doing as he commanded. The floor was carpeted so even if I hadn’t still been wearing my pants, I wouldn't have minded. I kissed the bulge in his pants before resting back on my knees.
    “Such a good boy.” Wesley pet my head and then thread the spider gag into my mouth and snapped it close. The metal was cold, but I loved it. He hadn’t given me an order, but I knew exactly what he wanted. He was leaning against the wall with his legs slightly parted. I unzipped his pants and watched his thick cock bob free from his pants. Testing, I licked the tip, before taking him all the way into my throat.
    “Mm, fuck that’s good.” Wesley’s grip tightened around my hair, sending jolts of pleasurable pain down my spine.

    Levi (Agency 2) by Ana Raine

  3. Clare Dargin

    Here is a sexy snippet from my futuristic erotic romance Cold Warriors

    He glanced at his left hand. He used to wear his gold wedding band as a tribute to the love he and his wife shared. Then it became a constant reminder that she was gone. ow he wondered if he was ready to have a ring on that finger again. Fear entered his heart.

    “I’m not sure I am,” he replied, softly.

    “I really am.” The sincerity in her voice was evident. “It was the first time I felt alive since I’ve been here, and I don’t regret it one bit.”

    He didn’t know what to say. His first clash with her had distracted him to the point of madness. It had been some time since he’d had such a powerful encounter with a woman. The last one to push his buttons that hard, he wound up marrying.

    Caitlin was stubborn, mouthy, somewhat insubordinate, and filled with an innate force he had not seen in sometime. She had no problem in standing up for who or what she believed in. He didn’t like the feelings she stirred in him. He dare not consider them. Especially with her. She was a subordinate and a cryo. It was against regulations for him to even think of starting anything with her.

    He shifted his stance. His heart pounded in his ears and breaths quickened. “Ms. Driskoll. I don’t know what you expect from me.”

    “Nothing more than I expect from myself.”

    Before he knew it, he crossed the distance between them and swept her into a searing kiss. He caressed her body, touching every curve. Arousal sped through his body like lightening causing his cock to swell and become rigid. He dug his fingers in her hair and hungrily dominated her mouth, his tongue delving in, playing with hers. Gripping her waist, he lifted her up and placed on her the table. She arched her neck exposing her creamy skin. He nipped and bit at it enjoying its smoothness. He reached up and caressed her breasts, a need filling him to see them, taste them.

    • Lisabet Sarai

      I think this may be more than 200 words, Clare… please cut it to 200 next time.

  4. Jaye Peaches

    Rick paused, holding back, and he gyrated, teasing her sensitive entrance with the tip of his cock. The scent, the musk of sexual fluids, swam about him, overriding the stale tobacco. He nibbled on her neck, nudging the loose strands of hair away with his nose. Such a delicate neck, petite like her waistline, with an obvious pulse in her jugular as it vigorously pumped her blood, increasing her flushed tone and showing her arousal beyond its core.
    “Touch yourself,” he sighed into her ear, and then glided back into her.
    Her hand reached round and she began to rub frantically, fingers twirling, drawing out another orgasm and she tightened about him as she came, keeping him in her clutches. Bursting with renewed energy, thrusting his shaft to the hilt, Rick continued to hold off the inevitable. He wanted the moment to last forever and he told her to keep touching herself.
    Leah slammed her palm down on the jangling machine. “Oh, I… my…” she screeched as she erupted into another orgasm.

    Driven Wild by Jaye Peaches

  5. Lisabet Sarai

    Thanks for some great snippets, everyone! It's fabulous to see so many new names, too. Come back next month and share some more!

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