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By Lucy Felthouse

For just under a year now, I’ve been part of a group called The Brit Babes. We are eight British erotica and erotic romance authors that have clubbed together for several purposes. One, to promote all of us as a group, rather than just ourselves as individual authors. Two, to have a street team that reads, reviews and promotes all of our books. Three, to stand out from the crowd and establish a benchmark for quality. Four, because we’re good friends and it’s nice to have seven other women to rant with, exchange ideas with, ask favours of, and so on.

So far, it’s been fantastic. The workload for administering the street team has been divided, and the reach of us, our books and our members has increased many fold. The street team itself is fantastic, as they read and review our books, spread the word and are also a lot of fun. There are some extremely fun conversations that go on in our private group, let me tell you!

Aside from that side of things, though, it’s been fantastic having a group of like-minded women just at the other end of an email. Of course, they were always at the other end of an email, but now we have this official group, it’s made us more, well, official. We don’t just talk about books and the street team, but we exchange ideas – writing related and not – life news, rants, good news, bad news… the list goes on. It’s a support team that totally gets it. Yes, our personal lives are different, but we all have the same struggles writing-wise that only fellow writers truly understand.

So, as we draw closer to the anniversary of The Brit Babes Street Team, I want to say what a brilliant experience it’s been for me, one I’ve appreciated in so many different ways. Here’s to many more years, ladies.

For any writers out there who have been toying with the idea of a Street Team but are worried about going it alone, I’d definitely recommend getting together a group of other writers in your genre that you trust and having a group street team. It’s benefited us in so many ways.

The Brit Babes are: Lucy Felthouse, K D Grace, Kay Jaybee, Victoria Blisse, Lexie Bay, Lily Harlem, Emmy Ellis and Tabitha Rayne.

See you next month!
Lucy x


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  1. Lisabet Sarai

    Sounds like a great strategy, Lucy. Certainly a bunch of wonderful writers.

    Do you all write full time? (Actually, I know Emmy is also art director for TB, but what about the rest of you?)

    • Lucy Felthouse

      I don't write full time as I run my business, edit, etc, too. Some of the others write full time, and others don't. We're all different 🙂

  2. Jean Roberta

    Lucy, I had seen the cover of the book by the Brit Babes, but I didn't know who was in the team. Thank you for posting! This looks like a good thing for readers as well as the team itself. Now we can read stories by all of you in one collection.

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Thanks Jean! It seems to be getting an awful lot of interest, so let's hope it raises our profile, and of course our sales 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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