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From Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Sex-obsessed Celebrants,

Happy New Year and welcome to the Winter edition of the Erotic Lure. My top New Year’s resolution: to make sure you spend as much of 2014 as possible either in a state of arousal or in blissful post-orgasmic satiety. Now that the fireworks have faded and you’ve finished the champagne, you might be glumly anticipating a long, cold winter, but let me assure you, from the sizzling stories in the Gallery to the vibrating devices in the Playground, we have what it takes to warm you up!

Our talented authors in this edition offer up superbly crafted tales of lust, transgression, seduction, magic and romance. The Erotica Gallery will take you from the backwoods of Civil War West Virginia to the sacred city of Varanasi. You’ll meet spiritual seekers, submissive sluts, shameless homewreckers and hookers with heart. We’ve also updated the ERWA Treasure Chest with the very best works from the 2013 Gallery. Believe me, there’s more than enough incredible erotica there to keep you busy through the chilly months of January and February. And if you’re a writer, check out the free ebook compilation of my Naughty Bits columns – the Erotogeek’s Guide for Technologically Challenged Authors. You’ll find the download link at the bottom of the left sidebar on the Gallery page.

Throw another log on the metaphorical fire:

Rummage among our treasures:

The Christmas/Chanukah gifting season has passed, but Valentine’s Day isn’t too far in the future. Our Books for Sensual Readers pages will get you in the mood, with lots of romantic (and explicit) titles. Kristina Wright has two new Cleis anthologies, XOXO and BEST EROTIC ROMANCE 2014, both chock full of lusciously sensual happy endings. Cecilia Tan’s new novel SLOW SEDUCTION will keep you at a slow burn, as her heroine Karina surrenders everything to find the Dom she loved and lost. If you fancy some man-love, check out Timothy J. Lambert’s anthology FOOLISH HEARTS or BEST GAY ROMANCE 2014, edited by R.D. Cochrane. Radclyffe has assembled a heart-stopping, pussy-warming collection of lesbian romance in LOVE BURNS BRIGHT.

Of course, we’ve got raunchier fiction for you too, like Destiny Blaine’s THE WIVES OF NASHVILLE, a steamy tale of wealth and infidelity. Or you might try Alison Tyler’s THE DELICIOUS TORMENT, sequel to her devastating and delicious DARK SECRET LOVE – not for the faint of heart. For some shadowy steampunk delights, pick up a copy of Elizabeth Schecter’s HOUSE OF SABLE LOCKS or my own outrageous adventure, RAJASTHANI MOON. Plus Ballantine Books has a brand new edition of THE STORY OF O, by Pauline Reage. Never read this classic? It’s time you completed your erotic education!

If desire rises as you browse our virtual shelves, don’t hold back. Take charge of your own pleasure. Follow our links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and the Apple bookstore and get what you want quicker than you can say “Cupid’s Cock”. Every purchase you make via ERWA’s affiliate links helps support the sexy, original, free content you’ve come to expect from the Erotica Readers & Writers Association.

Books heat you up more cheaply than oil:

Speaking of hot, who could resist a porn film entitled “Hot Chicks, Big Fangs”? Despite the rather in-your-face title, this scorching paranormal epic is getting rave reviews, especially for the intense performances by voluptuous Bonnie Rotten. Also in the Adult Movie section, Viv Thomas’ lesbian blockbuster “Waves of Desire” looks like another winner. Bring four deliciously different beauties to the beach and the heat is on. No one’s going to have any illusions about the filthy antics in “Having Sex with the In-Laws” Sounds like just the antidote for an overdose of holiday togetherness. And in the classic porn category, we feature Cameron Grant’s 1994 hit “Dinner Party”. This truth-or-dare fantasy fest, starring Jenna Jameson and Asia Carrera, was one of the first adult movies my husband and I ever purchased – on VHS, I might add. Talk about feeling old!

Get visual:

These days I find visiting the Sex Toy Playground to be highly instructive. Not just because we have some great how-to articles in our archives, but because I get to learn all about the latest high tech erotic technology. In this edition, we showcase the Minna Limon Touch Responsive Vibe, with a review by Mr. and Mrs. Toy plus an article by the team who invented this little marvel – a group of Stanford university graduate students studying “smart design”. I won’t spoil the fun by explaining this innovative and somewhat bizarre toy. Go read about it first hand. You’ll find more out-of-the-ordinary toy recommendations in our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column, including the fun-sounding Hula Beads and the Pulse Oscillating Stimulator, which looks like something you find in the Batcave.

You’ll notice we have convenient links to Adam & Eve, Bondara, Good Vibrations, Gamelink… If you like what you see – well you know what to do, right?

Release some of that post-holiday tension:

Inside the Erotic Mind, we’re talking about the delightful art of kissing. In fact, the discussion is already up to four pages, possibly a new record. Just click on the Participate link to share your thoughts. You might like to browse some of the other forum topics, too – everything from anal sex to wife swapping. You might find, like Kat, that “we always end up messing around after I’m on here” (that is on, the ERWA site).

Explore your desires inside the erotic mind:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been dedicating quite a bit of my holiday time off to my current work in progress (yes, it *is* kinky…). If you need some inspiration for the new year, drop by our Market News and Calls for Submission pages in Authors Resources, where you’ll find literally dozens of editors and publishers clamoring for your stories. For example, submissions are open for Best Lesbian Romance 2015, Best Bondage Erotica 2015, and the 13th volume of the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman are looking for queer fairy tales. House of Erotic has calls out for jazz and flapper stories and for steampunk. A recent CFS from Ruby Kiddell seeks erotic stories inspired by the theater. Shane Allison has two open calls for gay erotica. Plus we post (and keep updated) the guidelines for several dozen publishers of erotically themed content, both print and ebook.

Act on your writing resolutions!

Our sponsor for this edition of the Erotic Lure is Loose Id, a leading publisher of erotic romance.What is Loose Id?

*Loose* ‘lu”s, adjective – 1. not rigidly fastened or securely attached; having relative freedom of movement. 2. free from a state of confinement, restraint, or obligation. 3. lacking in restraint or power of restraint; lacking in moral restraint. Synonyms: unleashed, unfettered, unbound, free.

*Id *’id, noun – the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives ? compare ego, superego. Synonyms: subconscious mind, lizard brain.

*Loose Id* ‘lu”s id, noun – 1. an unfettered unconscious mind; 2. a publisher of electronic and print romances that unleash your fantasies by striding to the edge of the abyss and taking the plunge. Synonyms: There are no known equivalents, only imitations. Loosen your Id. Read Sexily Ever After.

Loose Id has been around a long time (by epublishing standards) and has a great reputation. Check them out – as a reader, an author, or both.

Out with the old, in with the new: here at ERWA we’ve got a few changes happening. The more observant among you might have noticed that this newsletter keeps referring to the “winter edition” of the ERWA site. We’re moving from a monthly to a quarterly publishing schedule for the website, so that we’ll have more time to gather the very best content for your pleasure. (It will give me more time to come up with bad puns and annoying alliteration, too!) Don’t worry, we’ll continue to update the Calls for Submission pages whenever we get new information. And our Erotic Mind forums are open 24/7.

If you want ERWA, why not join our email discussion lists? The Storytime list is an on-line crit group. You can post your erotic stories, receive comments and suggestions, plus read and critique the work of other members. Most of the content that shows up in the Gallery is selected by our editors from Storytime posts. Discussions on the Writers list focus on topics associated with writing and publishing. Meanwhile, anything goes on the Parlor list, our hangout for chit-chat, not restricted to but often devoted to sexual topics.

For more information about our lists, go to:

Meanwhile, visit or subscribe to the ERWA blog for almost daily posts by well-known erotica authors, covering everything from short story structure to censorship. We’re introducing several new features to the blog in 2014. In addition to the dozen or so regular contributors, we’ll be inviting members of ERWA lists to join us with guest posts on the 11th and 25th of each month. Interested in being a guest author? Get in touch with me privately.

Also, we’re designating the 19th of every month as Sexy Snippet day. Any author can post a comment with a short excerpt (200 words or less), along with a buy link. This is a great way for you to showcase your work to the thousands of erotica fans who visit the blog.

Sorry to go on so long, but I won’t see you again (well, except on the Writers list and the blog) for the next three months. The Spring edition of the site and the newsletter will come out in early April.

Until then, keep the fires burning.

Unrepentently yours,

Stir in a pinch to stir up his passion.

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